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Alcatel Idol X to seriousely tackle Samsung Galaxy S4

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Alcatel is an EU, French cell phone company which 13 years ago was competing against giants such as Nokia. After Nokia released its Symbian-based N series, Alcatel somehow got intimidated by Nokia and focused their attention only on low-budget cell phones.

It’s understandable that Alcatel focused its attention only on low budget phones when Nokia bought Symbian for its own and transformed it into a Nokia-only closed OS not available for any other competitor brands. Sagem, another French cell phone brand went bankrupt in 2005 because of that. Back then there was a serious lack of smartphone Operating Systems. Unlike now when we have Android, Windows Phone, Firefox OS and other Linux based OSes.

Now, after all these years Alcatel finally decided to make a strong comeback on the high-end smartphone market together with Android and directly charge against established leaders such as Samsung’s Galaxy S series.

Alcatel Idol X is perhaps the best rival out there against Samsung Galaxy S4. There’s absolutely nothing related to hardware that Galaxy S4 can do and Idol X can’t do. Idol X’s hardware is flawless. It comes with a scratch-resistant glass 5 inch IPS screen, capable of Full HD resolution (1080×1920), 2GB RAM, 1.5GHz Quad Core CPU, 16GB Storage Memory, 13MP Main Camera and a 2.1MP Front Camera, Micro SD Card Slot, BlueTooth, WiFi, GPS + FM Radio a feature that was present in all Galaxy S series but was recently removed from Galaxy S4 for some strange reason.

Idol X is extremely slim (only 7mm thick) and because of that its battery was reduced only to 2000mAh which even though it sounds bad, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The phone is still capable of offering 7 hours of 3G conversations and 340 hours on standby while on 3G.

Idol X’s software version doesn’t compromise either, it comes with Android’s latest 4.2.1 Jelly Bean version but unfortunately for some, it’s very stock. Idol X’s Android hasn’t been much customized, unlike Samsung Galaxy’s Android which is highly customized. However, some would actually consider this an advantage rather than a disadvantage.

Now there are actually going to be two different versions of this phone, one with a single microSIM card slot and one with a dual microSIM card slots. The version with a single microSIM card slot will have a microSD slot as well and a 8MP camera, while the version with dual microSIM will have a 13MP camera but won’t have the microSD card slot, however it’s going to have a 64GB Storage Memory instead of 16GB.

This marvelous phone will be launched somewhere in July this year and if Alcatel will manage to make it substantially cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S4, then there would be no reason to buy the Galaxy S4 over the Idol X, unless you’re a Samsung fan which blindly buys their products just because they carry the Samsung logo on them.


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