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12 Year Old Greek Girl Attacked By Athens Mayor's Thugs

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The assault on Golden Dawn has been relentless in the last few days. The propagandists at the New York Times, The Guardian, and other usurer controlled rags have been publishing rumors as facts regarding George Germenis attempting to shoot the Mayor of Athens, as well as punching a 12 year old girl in the face. Video footage taken at the scene has shown beyond reasonable doubt, that this is an unfound lie. The fact is that Mayor Giorgos Kaminis committed horrific violence against a peaceful food giveaway, while attacking innocent people before the eyes (at least until his minions pepper sprayed them) of thousands of Greeks, and now the media is trying to take attention off of this. But it is too late, the Greeks have turned off the TV and use your newspapers only to wrap fish, what people saw with their own eyes on the streets of Athens and at the Mayors office guarantees the PASOK democrats will be run out and Golden Dawn will take the municipality next election.

One of the police officers in the Mayor’s entourage at the scene leaked to the media that it was in fact Mayor Kaminis’ thugs who punched the 12 year old girl. He justified this by claiming he was trying to to stop MP George Germenis from pulling his gun, of which there is no evidence to prove. Germenis went to the bought Mayor’s office to protest his orders to teargas and pepper spray needy old people and children.

This new revelation will be used as prime evidence for the suit Golden Dawn will be bringing over the blatant attack on a Golden Dawn parliament member. It is now proven once and for all that Germenis never struck Kaminis, much less a child.

Is it safe to say, that the New York Times, The Guardian, and other liars won’t go back and apologize for the “mistake” of publishing a baseless rumor as a fact? The Greek people and those even around the world have been lied to for the past 24 hours by every major press establishment, it’s not hard to connect the dots as to why.


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