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EU is trying to humiliate Britain over immigration

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The EU is forcing states to give up their national sovereignty

Many people have long been deeply skeptical of the ability of the Government to limit so-called “welfare tourism” by migrants coming from other European Union countries.

Such skepticism appears to be thoroughly vindicated by new proposals from the European Commission to make it even easier for EU citizens to move from country to country.

Far from discouraging immigration, national governments are to be forced to create “contact points providing information, assistance and advice so that EU migrant workers and employers are better informed about their rights”. Such rights will include access to benefits and the right to sue for compensation if they are treated less favourably than the indigenous population.

By adopting such a lofty stance towards national governments the Commission is playing with fire and not just in respect of Britain.

Forbidding any national action to control migrant flows at a time when welfare systems, labour markets and social cohesion are all under very great strain is incredibly foolish and arrogant.

In effect the Commission is demanding that national populations surrender the right to sustain closer kinship ties with compatriots than with strangers. This is all part of its plan for a superstate. Yet the euro crisis has shown the folly of such an idea.

This newspaper long ago realised that Britain would be better off out of the EU. That the Union’s bureaucrats should be going the extra kilometre to prove it will only help our cause.


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