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Dead Space 3 Review, An Impressing Sequel

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The Necromorphs are back! Did you miss them?

Isaac Clarke is back in a new sequel of the Dead Space which is quite impressing. Considering the fact that the Dead Space franchise reached its 3rd “episode” within the series, this game is quite alright. Most games and moves screw up big time after their first sequels, let alone second or third…

Dead Space 3 made no exception, it did ruin some things, the game is now a little more action, than horror. There are plenty of new controls added which better suit an action game rather than a horror game. Isaac now gets to fight with people too, not only with hideous monsters and this kind of affects the gameplay.

The gameplay was a little more faster and agitated than usual (action-like) while the other Dead Space games were much slower and the feeling/ambiance was exactly the same. Some claimed that the game wasn’t as scary as its predecessors, maybe… but if you’ve already played Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2, know that there’s nothing wrong with Dead Space 3, but instead you’ve just got used to EA’s tricks of scaring you. Monsters from behind, monsters faking they are dead when they aren’t, monsters coming out of vents… this is all predictable and therefore no longer scary but if you are new to the Dead Space universe and Dead Space 3 is your first game from the series, you will definitely get scared at least once while playing Dead Space 3 and if your next game will be Dead Space 2 and your last, Dead Space 1, then you will probably say that Dead Space 1 is not scary at all, while most Dead Space fans say that Dead Space 1 is the scariest of them all. All of this because you’ve just got used to EA’s tricks of scaring you and not because there’s something wrong with the game.

Most Dead Space fans are disappointed with this choice, saying that the game is not as scary as it used to be, however the game isn’t anywhere near as bad as its fans claim it is. In fact, it brings a lot of nice upgrades to the series.

Multiplayer and DLC

The best thing which happened to Dead Space was the addition of multiplayer as Co-Op Missions. We’ve had a lot of fun playing in Co-Op mode, however EA’s choice of being able to play Co-Op only through the internet was quite stupid.

What happened to LAN multiplayer nowadays? What if some people don’t have internet access? What if they do have access to the internet but they’re in a vacation, somewhere on a mountain or in a cave or something, and they have no internet signal there, but they still wish to play this game together on their laptops? Being able to play through the internet is great, no doubt about that, you could play with people from other cities, countries, it’s really great, a superb feature of almost all recent games, but let’s not forget about the classic LAN games, shall we? EA should have definitely kept both LAN, and Online Multiplayer modes.

In Dead Space 3 you have DLC (DownLoadable Content) for new weapon blueprints, scavenger upgrades. You should probably skip everything in here except for Scanvenger upgrades which are really usefull except for the Bot Personality DLC which does nothing more than just bla bla bla while searching for stuff for you. Since we’ve brought the scavengers into discussion, we’ll be talking about them now, instead of later. The scavenger bots are another new addition to Dead Space 3, meant to gather additional resources for Isaac Clark. Whenever you’ll hear a wobble sound select your scavenger and scan for the signal. When you find its location, deploy the scavenger there. Don’t worry, it will automatically harvest new resources and return to your Bench when it finishes, they are invulnerable so no Necromorph will attack it or be able to destroy it.


The music in Dead Space 3 has dramatically changed and with it the atmosphere and the feeling as well. Dead Space 3’s superb music was played by the London (UK) Philharmonia Orchestra and The Slovak National Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava (Slovak Republic)… We’ll rate the music with a perfect 10 for perfect integration with the game and for giving a pleasant feeling.


The graphics haven’t improved much in Dead Space 3, the graphics look almost similar to those of Dead Space 2 but that’s not a bad thing, both games have decent graphics, but they aren’t anywhere near Crysis 3 for example. Dead Space 3 doesn’t support DirectX11 and it doesn’t have HD textures. Considering that this is a 2013 game, it should have come up with a significant better graphics engine than this. Therefore we’ll give only a 7 out 10 to the Dead Space 3 graphics.


In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke is now close to finally finding the source of all the Markers in the Universe and humanity now found their first alien species on Tau Volantis moon. This section obviously contains spoilers, just so you know…

With all the outer space action in Dead Space 1, 2 and 3, now we finally get some action close to on our home planet, Earth’s Moon. Unitology fanatics under Jacob Danik’s leadership (master fanatic) are now having a full scale revolution against EarthGov. Their goal is chaos everywhere and everyone turned into a Necromorph because “that’s the natural way to a greater life form, a real evolution who was shown to them by the supreme Markers” which they think are made by some sort of Gods.

So after a brief fighting on Earth’s Moon we’re now on our way to Tau Volantis, an alien moon from a far away star system, to fix things again. The first alien encountered by Isaac on Tau Volantis is called Rosetta, a sliced frozen alien which Isaac has to reassemble. Rosetta is the one who created the Codex, a key to an alien machine which can destroy Tau Volantis or unfreeze it.

After all the action and horror scenes, Isaac and his friend John get face to face with the biggest monster we’ve ever seen throughout the entire Dead Space series… the moon Tau Volantis itself! Yeap… the moon turns into a giant Necromorph thanks to Unitologist fanatic Jacob Danik.

At the ending of Dead Space 3, it is speculated that Isaac Clarke dies on Tau Volantis along with his friend John Carver, but truth is, in a post-credits scene, Isaac is heard calling out to Ellie in a static filled voice. Furthermore in Dead Space 3 Awakened we find out that they both survived and are now trying to escape from Tau Volantis and get back to Earth with the CMS Terra Nova spaceship.

The most terrifying/horror scene of Dead Space 3 in particular is probably the part where Isaac has to go to a basement on Tau Volantis (the place where he finally changes his damaged suit with a new Arctic Survival Suit, at the beginning of Chapter 9: Onward) by using an Elevator. When you’re into the elevator, an auto-audio log by Sam Ackerman (the man who disabled the elevator) starts playing saying some really nasty things about some normal people trapped in that basement who cannibalized on infected people (probably Necromorphs) and turned into some grotesque skinny Necromorphs called Feeders which are afraid of light and make some rat-like noises. Feeders are easy to kill but the problem is their number, not their strength, they always attack in vast numbers. Anyway this story was perhaps the sickest and most horrid part of Dead Space 3.

Overall, Dead Space 3 had a very clever and original story, with twists and maybe with exaggerations here and there, but overall it was really an impressing story.

Big Changes

Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2 both had interesting weapons, but now EA took a step further than just interesting. We now have fully customizable weapons. Some people have complained that the new Bench is too confusing and difficult to understand. Indeed it’s definitely not an easy way of building weapons but let’s not forget that Isaac is an engineer and it does suit him quite nicely to be able to build his own weapons from weapon parts. You might not understand everything from the Bench Tutorial but you should definitely get a basic idea of how things work at the new upgraded Bench now. Same people who complained about the new Bench, have complained about having universal ammo now.

While it’s not necessarily a good idea to have universal ammo, especially for both bigger and smaller weapons, it’s not such a bad idea either. Let’s not forget that we could now have dozens, if not even hundreds of weapon combinations, that would make it very difficult for you to find the exact ammo, for your exact weapon. With that said, maybe they could have done at least 2 or 3 separate ammo types, instead of just 1 ammo type which suits all weapons. The easiest version could have probably been “Bullet Ammo”, for all type of bullets, shotguns, etc and “Incendiary Ammo” for Flame Throwers, Grenades, etc

Anyway, besides being able to build your own custom weapons, you also have blueprints with already configured weapons, where all you need are just the ingredients. As you probably already know by now, they’ve removed the Power Nodes and changed them with Tungsten Torque Bars for unlocking secret doors. Back in the other Dead Space games, you could have used the Power Nodes for suit and weapon upgrades (damage, fire rate, clip size, reload speed) but now it’s different, be sure to always carry at least 2 Tungsten Torque Bars with you all the time, while still having unconverted Tungsten just in case you quickly need for making new weapon or suit upgrades.

In Dead Space 3, you no longer have credits now. They have been replaced by ingredients such as Tungsten (the rarest and most valuable), Scrap Metal, Semiconductor, Somatic Gel and Transducer.

Almost everything of value in Dead Space 3, requires Tungsten so be sure not to waste it on useless junk. First of all, you should concentrate all your attention on upgrading your suit to maximum from your Suit Kiosk (or at least your Rig section of your suit which contains Hit Points and Armor), that’s the most important step. You should be able to resist for awhile with your default weapons without needing to spend Tungsten on your weapons yet.

Ohh and remember that you can safely change to any suit you want, the upgrades you make on one suit will be available on all suits and the suits have no attributes whatsoever. The only difference between them is just in appearance/design.

Now that you’ve upgraded your suit (fully or just its Rig section), it’s time for making a weapon that will be able to destroy every Necromorph or Human enemy you encounter.

Best Weapon Combination

We’ve seen dozens of articles from other reviewers and dozens of videos on this. Almost everyone suggests the Evangelizer as the best Dead Space 3 weapon but we, here at Xtrem LeVeL (now bought and owned by EUTimes), have discovered our own recipe, for a much better and efficient weapon. This weapon of ours is also probably the best ammo efficient. You will be able to kill almost everyone in one or two shots, and therefore saving a lot of ammo and later sell it for resources at your Bench.

Tesla Gun Ingredients:
You will need a Heavy Elite Frame or a Heavy Standard Frame (which is basically the same with an Elite Frame but only having 2 Circuits upgrade slots unlocked by default while for the non-Elite Frame, you will have to pay with Tungsten for unlocking the 2 slots), a Tesla Core for the Upper Tool, a Diffraction Torus for the Upper Tool Tip, a Plasma Core for the Lower Tool, a Default Tip for the Lower Tool Tip (don’t for the Compressor, even though it has better Damage, the Default Tip has better fire rate, reload speed and a larger radius for knocking back every enemy), a Damage Support or Ammo Support or Ammo Sweeper for Attachment 1 (we’ve personally preferred the Ammo Support in a combination with the Damage Support for the Co-Op partner) and an Acid Bath or Stasis Coating for the Attachment 2 (your choice, both are very effective). This is basically a Tesla weapon which is very effective, probably the best.

Upper Tool Upgrade Circuits: you should mostly focus your attention on Damage and secondary on Rate of Fire, Reload and a few Clips.

Lower Tool Upgrade Circuits: you should mostly focus on Reload and secondary Clip, Rate of Fire and a few Damage.

This weapons is best combination we’ve came up with, you should be able to knock-back/stun everyone with an alternative shot (for the lower tool) and chain electrocute everyone with an upper tool blow. This weapon will save a lot of ammo for you. Remember that the lower tip should not be used to make damage to enemies but only to immobilize them (only if needed, in case you are surrounded by too many of them), for damage, shoot them with your primary (upper tool).

Rifle with Rocket Launcher Ingredients:
You will need a Heavy Elite Frame or a Heavy Standard Frame, a Military Engine for the Upper Tool, a Repeater for the Upper Tool Tip, a Survey Charge for the Lower Tool, a Directed Suspension Field for the Lower Tool Tip, a Safety Guard for the Attachment 1 and an Acid Bath for the Attachment 2. This is basically a machine gun with a rocket launcher attached.

Upper Tool Upgrade Circuits: you should mostly focus on Damage and Reload and maybe a few Clips.

Lower Tool Upgrade Circuits: you should mostly focus on Clips until you can carry 3 rockets instead of 2 and Rate of Fire and maybe a few Reloads and one Damage just to get your rocket damage to maximum.

This weapon is an ammo eater especially if you’re planning to use your machine gun most of the time, but if you’ll be using the Rocket Launcher mostly, you should be fine.

Throughout the Dead Space 3 game you will find some useless junk called Alien Artifacts which are exactly just useless. Their only purpose is for collection. Unless you’re into that, you could just skip them. If you do want to collect them all however, there are 4 types of artifacts: 6 EarthGov Artifacts, 6 Unitology Artifacts, 18 S.C.A.F. Artifacts and 10 Alien Artifacts. Find them all and you’ll win the Lottery! :) Just joking of course!

Our overall rating of Dead Space 3: 9 Stars out of 10 Stars

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