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US commission paves way for anthrax vaccine testing on children

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A US commission has advised that anthrax vaccination trials be carried out on children. The board gave strict guidelines for testing to put infants at no more than “minimal risk,” but critics accuse them of using children as guinea pigs.

The presidential commission described the necessity to test the vaccine on children because in the event of a mass bioterrorist attack a large proportion of the victims would be children. It advised to start the testing of the vaccine on young adults aged from 18 to 25 to first understand the risk before progressing on to younger participants.

“You’d work your way down from 18-year-olds,” said Dr. John Parker, a retired army major general and chairman of the biodefense board. “If it were safe you’d go to 17-year-olds, then 16-year olds.”

The commission, however, emphasized children would be subjected to “no more than minimal risk” by the tests, despite strong criticism from rights activists.

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called on the presidential commission to broach the ethical validity of using children in vaccination testing.

The Commission Chair, Amy Gutmann, said that “this is one of the most difficult ethical decisions the bioethics commission has undertaken.”

“Our nation ethically must protect children enrolled in research studies, and we must also do our best to develop the knowledge needed to save children’s lives during a possible emergency,” said Gutmann at a news conference on Tuesday.

Opposition to the report by the presidential commission likened testing the vaccine on children to using infants as guinea pigs as they are unable to fully understand the risks of participating in such a study.

Vera Sharav, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, said that if testing on children were to be carried out it would spell “moral harm for us as a nation and suffering for the children. They should have said, ‘thou shalt not’.”

Opponents to testing argue that antibiotics would offer sufficient protection to children.

Side effects

The anthrax vaccine has been tested on around 2.9 million adults so far, most of whom were members of the armed forces being vaccinated against the threat of biological warfare in Iraq. A number of side effects were registered during the testing of the vaccination, including skin ulcers, fever and malaise.

“We have to wonder if, after all the data collected by the US Army on the side-effects experienced by soldiers, we would want to subject children to skin ulcers symptoms of the disease,” said Jeanne Guillemin, author of ‘American Anthrax’, to Reuters.

Additionally, a study carried out by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention carried out a study in 2008 involving 1,563 adults who took the vaccine. Participants reported over 229 serious adverse effects, such as seizures, intracranial aneurism and cardiovascular disease, but only nine of these cases were attributed to the vaccine.


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12 Responses to " US commission paves way for anthrax vaccine testing on children "

  1. Save The Country says:

    Save The Country… Sing by the late Bobby Darin
    Come on, people
    Come on, children
    Come on down to the Glory River
    Gonna lay the devil down
    Come on,people
    Come on,children
    There’s a king at the Glory River
    And the precious king
    He loved the people to sing
    Babes in the blinkin’n sun
    Sang “We Shall Overcome
    I got fury in my soul
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  2. Believe says:

    I’m with Sally Free, let’s have Sasha and Malia Obama be the first kids to receive this trial immunization…

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  3. Bella Southland says:

    We, in America are as outraged as all of you! Those who are awake, that is. Our country is in serious jeopardy with the demons out in full mass. Sad times.

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  4. Janette Robb says:

    Outrageous. Let members of the us presidential commission be first in the queue. Leave our young adults and children alone. They have been damaged enough.

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  5. Aussie says:

    :p :o sad Did this take place as planned? What are the side effects, do they have any results yet? Of course they will not be linked with vaccines, but to something else, anything else, but not vaccines. Australia has just passed GM Cholera vaccine trial for PaxVax, a US company, despite the outrage to the Office of Gene Technology Registrar. They do not listen to the voice of the people, they live in a mad world of their own, but their day will come, and soon.
    Aussies are usually pretty apathetic, but now they are angry, like a powder keg ready to go. Is that exactly what the NWO wants and is pushing for? Yes I think so, because when the world is in chaos, evil dictators take over. Let us hope and pray that good will overcome evil. Drag them out of their dark corners into the light, they hate that.

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  6. Sally Free says:

    Let’s try it out on the Barry and Michelle’s kids first.. Let that so-called family lead the way, shall we?!

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  7. Sally Free says:

    Let’s try it out on the 0bama kids first.. Let that so-called family lead the way, shall we?!

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  8. Aussie says:

    Soon all those responsible will be called to account.
    The Nuremberg trials will be like kindergarten, compared to what those responsible for these experiments will face. When they maim and kill on a worldwide scale for the sake of personal gain and population reduction, they are evil or brainwashed beyond comprehension and deserve to lose everything, and they will. Every day is judgment day and all is being observed from heavenly realms.

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  9. mandala says:

    Defiant you must be very confused.
    This is about AMERICAN BASTARDS.

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    • Defiant says:

      you dont have to be a German to be a nazi(not that most germans were), there are plenty of nazis everywhere, fake liberals , green nazis, nazi scientist, nazi banxters, they follow the same policy,population controll by genocide,and by full spectrum dominance.
      vaccines are just one piece of the puzzle.

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      • nik says:

        you are getting Nazis mixed up with Zionists Actually the Nazis fought against the Zionists…and they are who we are up against now.

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  10. Defiant says:

    NAZI bastards!

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