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Samsung Galaxy S4 Officially Launched, Prices Revealed

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Samsung has officially launched today in New York City its new Galaxy smartphone, the long anticipated Galaxy S4.

The new Galaxy S4 brings new great features such as two Quad Core CPUs, oddly, at different speeds, a Quad Core CPU Cortex-A15 clocked at 1.6GHz, and a second Quad Core CPU Cortex-A7 running at 1.2GHz. The CPUs are running together with the Exynos 5 Octa chipset and the PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU. Theoretically the phone has 8 Cores (2 CPUs with 4 cores each) but even though the phone features 2 real CPUs (just like servers) it can only use one CPU at a time. For some strange reason it can’t use both CPUs in the same time. Not really sure what’s the purpose of having 2 CPUs in this case because users get the performance of a quad core phone and not the performance of an octa core phone. Galaxy S4 is also Samsung’s first phone to feature 2GB RAM. That should make all those nasty Android apps run smoothly on your device!

Samsung finally decided to upgrade their phone’s camera to 13MP, after years of 8MP cameras. The Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2 all had 8MP cameras. Samsung’s new 13MP camera is capable of shooting pictures at 4128×3096 and shooting videos at 1920×1080. A really good camera for a phone I may add! The camera is so good that you don’t even need to buy and carry around with you a separate dedicated digital camera. Unless you’re really into photography and you need a professional DSLR, I think that the normal typical digital camera met its end. Who would want to carry around 2 full pockets? One with a camera and the other one with a phone? These 13MP camera phones are all you need. Of course there is one more thing which I would like to see implemented in future smartphones, Optical Zoom, instead of Digital Zoom! Yeah, it’s hard, but not impossible, Samsung actually released such a phone back in September 2009. It’s called Samsung SCH-W880 AMOLED 12 and it featured a 12MP HD camera with Optical Zoom + of course Digital Zoom. Why have they cancelled such an intelligent and original idea, is beyond my understanding! No one else has such a phone even to this day, it was a new and original concept, yet I haven’t seen any other new similar models. That should be a must have on today’s cell phones! Also, optical zoom or not, why no lens cover?!?

Galaxy S4 is of course typically equipped with a single loudspeaker capable of generating only mono sounds. Back in August 2006, Nokia N73 for example featured both lens cover to protect your precious camera lens from nasty scratches and stereo speakers! Wow would you look at that!? A 7-year-old phone with some really neat features that today’s phones are lacking! Not even mentioning the Nokia X7 with 4 speakers which had the best sound quality on a cell phone I ever heard. Another neat cell phone loudspeaker innovator was Motorola, back in 2004 with its Motorola E398 which featured 2 stereo speakers accompanied by a 22Khz vibration, so when you held the phone in your hands or simply put it on a desk or something and listened to a song, you could actually hear the song with bass noise (low frequency) as if you were hearing the song not from a cell phone but from real speakers! It was as if the phone had a micro-subwoofer incorporated. That was cool! Where are all these features in today’s smartphones?

Among other things, Galaxy S4 comes with better plastics (or so they say), 4G for better internet speeds from your network provider, a larger Super AMOLED 5 inch screen with a huge 1080×1920 FULL HD resolution. The huge screen resolution gives the phone a crystal clear image quality. The screen resolution is really great! I mean really, there are even computer monitors or TVs out there these days that don’t support this huge resolution but this tiny 5 inch screen does. The Galaxy S4’s screens renders black color better than any other smartphone currently on the market. When you have a black color image on your screen or in the background, the phone looks almost as if it’s turned off. That’s how good it renders the black color.

On the front the phone has a 2MP camera for video calls and more. Even though the front camera is only 2MP, it’s capable of shooting videos at 1920×1080 at 30fps! Now that’s impressive… but what’s even more impressive is that the front camera also acts like a sensor where you’re able to control much of your phone just by waiving your hand like crazy, without the need to touch the screen. People would probably think you’re crazy if they would see you gesticulating in front of your phone in public, so I wouldn’t use that feature but anyway it’s a nice feature for lazy people who think its too hard to tap their screens. The front camera can also pause when you look away or follow your eyes movements, not really sure what’s the use for these features but anyway, its better to have as many features as possible, than lacking them.

Other than that, the phone comes with standard features such FM Radio, Bluetooth, NFC, WLAN, A-GPS and a 2600 mAh battery which is said to last a little longer than Galaxy S3’s battery. For some strange reason Galaxy S4 brought back the Infrared Port, a long gone feature in modern phones. I would advise users not to use the Infrared Port for file transfers, because infrared is generally known to be carcinogenic. I would advise you to use the Bluetooth instead. The phone will be available with 3 storage versions: 16GB, 32GB and finally 64GB, with the possibility of further expanding the memory with a microSD card. There will also be a wireless charging version which is pretty retarded and useless in my opinion. What if you want to talk to the phone and charge it in the same time? Or play a game while charging? Anyway, it’s nice to finally see Nikola Tesla’s energy induction invention finally put into use. Galaxy S4’s OS will come with the latest Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxsy S4’s official price for network-free (unlocked) phones is set to be £530 in UK and is yet to announce a price for other markets, however it is estimated to cost around $804 in the US and €625 throughout the EU, which is quite expensive but I’m sure they will lower the price after a few weeks.

In some EU countries the phone is already available on pre-order at a price of €679.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone but it’s a bit too late. Only dedicated Samsung fanboys would have specifically waited for the Galaxy S4 when LG Optimus G brought the exact same features more than half an year ago.

Samsung was so late to upgrade their cameras, that almost everyone else was ahead of them. Sony, HTC, Nokia, and LG. Samsung Galaxy S4 brings almost nothing new when compared to LG Optimus G which was released in August 2012. Sony Xperia S also has almost the same features as Galaxy S4 and it was realeased in February 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S3 was almost a complete disaster in terms of technological progress. It brought almost nothing new to the previous Galaxy S2. Same memory, same RAM, same camera, etc. it only brought a larger screen and a faster CPU, but even so it sold in millions, and because of that, I’m sure Galaxy S4 will sell even better considering that this phone finally brings some real upgrades, even though it was kind of late when compared to Samsung’s competitors.


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