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Moldova government collapses in vote of no-confidence

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Prime Minister Vlad Filat.

Moldova’s pro-European government has received a vote of no-confidence spurred on by rivalries within the three-party Alliance, leading to the collapse of the government.

The ruling Alliance for European Integration fell on Tuesday after receiving a vote of no confidence, jeopardizing hopes of integration into the European Union as the country seemed to move closer towards restoring relations with Russia.

“This is a blow to Moldova and its citizens who dream of integration into the European Union,” said the center-left coalition Prime Minister Vlad Filat, while referring to his allies that had abandoned him during the vote.

“After the resignation of the government, it cannot be excluded that there will be changes to the direction the country takes,” Filat added.

Experts point to the rivalries, personal feuds and conflicting business interests among the Alliance’s leaders as factors that have contributed to disunity.

The three-party Alliance broke from the communists in 2009, working to integrate into mainstream Europe.

Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe with an average monthly salary of about USD 230, the European Union has sought a landmark agreement on association and free trade at the end of this year.

Moldova was part of Romania, until it was annexed into the Soviet Union by Stalin in World War II.

It remains a Romanian-speaking country with strong cultural ties to its larger neighbor to the east.


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