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Jay Rockefeller Wants The FCC to Regulate The Internet 'For The Children'

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Jay Rockefeller is calling for stricter internet controls, including FCC regulation under the guise of protecting children from “cyber bullies”.

In a pathetic attempt to push regulation onto the internet and the alternative media, Jay Rockefeller has been hosting events and political discussions to promote FCC regulation of the internet.

As many have been predicting he is using “the children” as cover and disguising this power grab as a preventative measure against “cyber bullying”.

One can only imagine how long it would be after FCC regulation that a Rockefeller would accuse various youtubers or bloggers of being “cyber bullies” and force them to remove their content until there is no more negative press left about them on the internet.

According to local reports:

“Rockefeller says children need protection against cyber bullies and others who would seek to take advantage of impressionable minds. “There’s nothing worse than demeaning a child,” Rockefeller said. “We’ve had suicides in this country over this.” Rockefeller says part of the solution to a largely unregulated cyber world is giving more authority to the FCC.

“One of the things you have to do for example is with the Federal Communications Commission. You have to give them authority over content. They have no authority over content—for example television shows or anything else. They have no say over that. They only have say over violence.” Rockefeller says future regulations to that end will become a question of First Amendment rights. “I come down on the side of trying to protect children. I think that’s my job. The Supreme Court can check on the First Amendment.”

Jay Rockefeller obviously isn’t concerned about the first amendment, he has recently been leading a charge to ban certain types of material from video games and movies. His whole purpose with this maneuver is to infringe upon free speech, because the alternative media and the internet in general has led to the collapse of the monumental public relations facade that ruling class families such as the Rockefellers have been able to sustain for generations.

A few years back Jay Rockefeller even suggested that the internet should have never been invented:

Although Jay Rockefeller is nearing retirement, he is still hard at work taking away the small amount of freedom that is left among everyday people. Much like his support of gun control and censorship, when he makes public statements about issues like this, you can be sure that he will follow through when it comes time to push for a new law.


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3 Responses to " Jay Rockefeller Wants The FCC to Regulate The Internet 'For The Children' "

  1. This guy... says:

    F U You pedophile lookin MF!!!

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  2. amanfromMars says:

    L-) Now, now, this guy, please behave and don’t hurl abuse at the afflicted and cerebrally challenged. Jay cannot help being a virtual intelligence/cyberspace pygmy.

    He’s more to be pitied than scorned whenever he rants and raves about that free fire information space.

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  3. My research say . King tut and king david are same heir today .so how do rockefella and rothschild play a roll to them . What im trying now to find who got the king gold and land . And oil .. Is it us the usa .

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