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Hispanics to become majority ethnic group in California next year

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California’s population is experiencing a cultural makeover.The troubled economy is driving out the middle class to more prosperous areas of the country. Now, the future of America’s most populous state belongs more to immigrants than ever before.

US Census data shows more than 41-thousand immigrants moved to Los Angeles county just in the past year.

During the same period, more than 100-thousand residents moved out of the state, mostly due to job losses and high taxes.

The population shift is expected to reach a milestone in the middle of next year.That’s when experts say Hispanics will become the majority in California.

This ethnic transition is prompting changes to how the state handles immigrants.

Social justice advocates say it’s about time that America gives immigrants their due.

Lawmakers are already responding by drafting expanded protections and rights for immigrants.This includes labor rights for documented and undocumented workers, something that immigrants have been fighting to get for years.

Advocates say this goes against more than 7 decades of laws and policies that have unfairly targeted minority workers.

Advocates are also pushing for access to health care.They say even under the health care reform act, more than one million undocumented immigrants would not be covered. Advocates are planning a statewide push to support immigrants in their quest for coverage.

Census data predicts that by the year 2060, Hispanics will make up more than 50 percent of the population. By that time, whites are expected to be less than 30 percent.


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One Response to " Hispanics to become majority ethnic group in California next year "

  1. Stefan Zeiss says:

    The dirty little truth about “Hispanics” is that they are not. The vast majority of “Hispanics” are actually people of Amerindian racial origin. I found that out some 20 years ago when I visited Europe, including Spain. I found out that “Hispanics” are not even remotely Spanish and that the Spaniards do not consider them their own. Moreover, they are almost universally reviled in Spain for all the violence and drug smuggling they are commonly associated with.

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