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GoClever R83, the Best Price-Performace Tablet You Can Get

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GoClever R83.2 is perhaps one of the best tablets you can get at a reasonable price.

GoClever is an electronics company from EU, Poland, with its main factories in China, Shenzhen, of course, just like with all other Western companies.

The R83 is not a single product but a series of three, R83, R83.2 and the R83.3 which is quite rare for some strange reason. We’ve only found a few models of the R83.3 here and there. The R83.2 is probably the most popular.

R83.2 features a very quick 1.6GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU on the RockChip RK3066 chipset, 1GB RAM DDR3, 8GB Storage memory plus a microSD slot for memory expansion. Most people would think that if you a microSD card, would expand your memory for Apps which is a misconception. You CAN’T install apps on your SD card. A SD card has however other uses, such as storing photos, music, documents, etc.

This tab is run by Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and even though it was released quite a while ago, there’s still no update available for this tab as of yet.

It’s Quad Core graphics GPU Mali400MP4 ensures a smooth gameplay and FullHD video playback plus HDMI-out for connecting it with your HD TV. The tab is capable of running most of the apps with decency, so far no fragmentation has been found on this tab while testing it, not even with games such as Asphalt 7 which has almost PC-like graphics.

Unfortunately though, the tab’s small 8GB memory which is split in 0.98GB as “internal memory” (or better said partition C:) plus 5.33GB as NAND memory (partition D:) (a total of 6.31GB real storage) doesn’t allow the user to install too many apps and the tab gets slow and even gets occasional (not very often) freezes and restarts when the memory nears depletion, so I would advise you to keep at least 300MB free so that your tab would continue to run smooth. That actually goes for every device, including Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, not just this particular GoClever model. Even a computer with a full HDD will run slower.

All R83 tabs have 8 inch IPS screens with a resolution of 1024×768 which is quite decent. The screen is also Capacitive 5-point multi-touch, meaning that you can use all your 5 fingers in the same time to control an app, for example.

Fortunately, all R83 have two cameras, one 0.3MP camera in the front for video chat via Skype, Yahoo Messenger or any other similar app, and one 2MP camera on its back for taking photos and videos. Unfortunately though both cameras quality is very poor. The back 2MP camera should have been able to take some decent photos because 2MP isn’t that bad, it translates as 1600×1200 resolution photos, but the quality of the photos isn’t that good, however considering how cheap this tablet is, that’s acceptable. And yes, if you were wondering, the tab does have a microphone incorporated.

The package contains the tab which by the way has an unremovable aluminium back cover and therefore an unremovable battery just like the iPad, a charger, USB cable and an USB adapter for 3G SIM dongles and a user’s manual.


Just as nothing’s perfect and just as we’re not easily impressed by anything, of course we’ve found a lot of minuses. For example the R83 series have small storage memory, occasional freezes and restarts, no USB charging, very slow charging through its adapter, weak cameras, no Radio FM, no GPS, no light sensor so that the tab can automatically adjust the display brightness, no SIM card slot for direct connection to the internet. You can however add an external 3G dongle which is very impractical. To make it even more impractical, the dongle is attached through a mini USB adapter cable… The good part is that all R83 tabs feature WiFi with the N protocol which makes internet browsing very fast if you have WiFi near you.

The battery is also a minus for this tab, it can hold only 3-5 hours of internet browsing through WiFi.

Some models, such as the R83 doesn’t even have a bluetooth for file transfers. The R83.2 and the R83.3 both have bluetooth though.


The tab comes standard with a 2 year warranty, and at a cheap price of only $190 in the US for the R83.2 version and £140 in the UK for the R83.3 version. The R83.3 has the same hardware as the R83.2, except for its storage memory which is 16GB instead of 8GB. This is one of the cheapest tablets I’ve seen on the market and with some pretty decent features.

Comparing to Samsung or Apple’s prices, this tab is a jewel. Cheap brands such as GoClever, are perfect for trying to force Apple and Samsung’s reign of overpriced products, to cut their prices.

You can separately buy an attachable cover with a keyboard and use the tab just like a laptop.

I say, give it a chance, if you don’t like it, you can just send it back. Most US and European stores fully refund clients if they are not satisfied with their products.

Our overall rating of GoClever TAB R83.3: 7 Stars out of 10 Stars

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