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Crysis 3 Review, The Biggest Disappointment

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Crysis 3 is a big disappointment, perhaps the worst in the Crysis series and as a matter of fact it has the lowest rating on IMDB.com which is an online movie rating website, which also contains video games.

Crysis 3‘s rating on imdb.com is of 4.8, compared to Crysis 2‘s 8.3 rating and Crysis‘s 8.7. So it looks like the Crysis series is slowly going down the toilet but even so, main game reviewers still rated Crysis 3 as high as 8 or 9 out of 10. Why? Well most of those reviewers are corrupted bastards who are paid to advertise games instead of reviewing them and give them high ratings just so people can be persuaded into buying these games.

Some of those reviewers aren’t paid into lying about games, they’re just childish grownups who get overly happy and impressed by anything with good graphics. Yes, indeed, Crysis 3 probably has the best graphics so far, its probably gonna be the 2013’s winner on graphics. Indeed that does sound a bit premature, the year just started and there’s plenty of time for other games to beat Crysis 3’s graphics engine, but that’s quite hard, when looking at Crysis 3’s almost real life-like graphics.

Are graphics enough to make a game good? And should it be enough? As we’ve seen from user’s ratings on imdb.com the answer is definitely NO, graphics aren’t enough and they are certainly not everything a game should be.

Ceph again?

The Ceph was already defeated not once but twice, and now third? Are they just gonna keep returning over and over again so they can get their behinds whooped by the mighty overpowered humans who didn’t even make it to Mars yet? The story gets repetitive and quite boring. They should have just added a new threat different than Ceph, maybe a different alien race altogether which was allied with the Ceph or something, or they could have improvised the story differently.

The Ceph was also changed, given new “clothes” and some weapons. In the first Crysis, the Ceph were some naked crazy animal-like aliens. Now they’re bipeds and very humanoid-like. They also wear armors. Now why the big change? Why would the developers assume that these things will go unnoticed?

The whole video games and movies concept of human vs aliens wars where the humans win is simply just that: ridiculous and retarded. The aliens have super high tech, and they are able to travel for millions or even billions of light years away but they get defeated by the humans, a species of creatures which all it did was just to go on the Moon. The humans haven’t even set foot on Mars so far which is Earth’s nearest planet, that’s how primitive our technology is, yet we’re able to defeat the aliens which just traveled billions of light years. Yeap that’s just brilliant. Hollywood just doesn’t get any more dumber than this and yet they’re wondering why is their entertainment industry going down the toilet… They’re blaming it on piracy, but completely overlook their ridiculous entertainment stories and the complete lack of originality and ideas.

So what’s new in Crysis 3?

In Crysis 3 we’re given a primitive bow so that we can fight the high tech aliens with our “high tech” weapon. We’re told that we can cloak while using the bow but we can’t cloak while using a gun. That’s just so stupid… What does the cloaking thing has to do with the weapon type you’re carrying anyway? Does the cloak get scarred when it hears “boom!” from a gun? Then why isn’t it working when mounting a silencer on your gun? Whatever! So, anyway for some reason I haven’t even used the bow throughout the entire game. Not really a fan of bows. Not even in RPG games. I usually prefer choosing to become a warrior (swords) or a mage, rather than an archer. Maybe that’s why I haven’t used the bow in Crysis 3.

There’s just one more thing which is new in Crysis 3. We now have the ability to upgrade our suit and to “hack” mines, doors and more. I actually find this a good innovation to the Crysis series but unfortunately there were just a dozen of armor upgrades and you couldn’t really use them all in the same time. You could use only 4 out of all in the same time. Not really convenient. They should have instead opted for a tech tree-like suit upgrades system.

What about gameplay downgrades in Crysis 3? I only found just 2 downgrades in Crysis 3, compared to its predecessors. They removed some of the nanosuit’s abilities such as Strength and Speed. Other than that the game remains the same, which is a good thing.

Where’s Nomad? What about Alcatraz?

So what’s the problem with Crysis 3? Well it’s the second Crysis game in the installment where our main hero, Nomad isn’t even mentioned!!! Where in the world is Nomad? We don’t care about Alcatraz, nor about Prophet we’ve started with Nomad. We barely even care about Psycho who was there from the beginning and which we’ve played in Crysis Warhead.

Anyway, we found the answers most Crysis fans were looking for. Alcatraz is your character in Crysis 3. Prophet is dead. He shot himself in the head at the beginning of Crysis 2 and Alcatraz, some random mute and faceless US slave soldier takes Prophet’s suit which stored Prophet’s memories and thoughts. The suit which seems to have a mind and even feelings of its own, for some twisted moronic reason “fell in love” (sarcasm) with Prophet, the former wearer. It feel in love with Prophet so bad, that it only wanted to be worn by Prophet so the suit decided to morph Alcatraz’s DNA with Ceph DNA and brainwash him into believing that he is Prophet. Even though throughout Crysis 2, all you do is running around and obeying orders from virtually anyone without even saying a word (perhaps Alcatraz was mute?), in Crysis 3, the suit magically gives Alcatraz a voice and now he starts yapping bla bla bla all the time… Looks like the suit now has magic powers which is stupid. The suit in Crysis 1 was just a normal suit which helped increase physical abilities and cloak, nothing more. Now they’ve changed the suit into something really stupid and childish.

So that’s what happened to Alcatraz, he thinks he is Prophet now, but what about our first hero which started the Crysis series? Where’s Nomad?? In the Crysis comic books Nomad dies by jumping in front of a rocket to save Prophet. However the game dictates the story and not the comics. The comics were made after the game, not the other way around. The comics are irrelevant to the Crysis video game story.

Well throughout the whole Crysis 3 game, there are 3 small little clues about Nomad which I found and probably went unnoticed by most gamers:

Clue 1

If you collect all the datapads, posters, & blackboxes it unlocks a special datalog called Unknown. In one of the datalogs it lists two Nanosuit users with redacted information Nomad and one known as Silverback. The Unknown Datalog has Silverback reporting about his hunt for Nomad to CELL. A CELL employee refers to Silverback as Commander Lockhart. That means Nomad is alive contrary to the Cyrsis comic which depicts his death. It is also contrary to Crysis 2 which stated that Dominic Lockhart’s nephew was dead and showed Dominic Lockhart being killed by Alcatraz. Could be another Lockhart that was never mentioned before though.

Clue 2

Some claimed that Psycho gave Nomad’s dogtag to Prophet, meaning that Nomad is dead without us even knowing how he really died (in game, excluding the comics crap). This is far from truth. Indeed Psycho gives 3 dogtags to Prophet but none has Nomad’s name. The names on the dogtags are: Aztec, Jester, and Cupcake. Only 2 dogtags are visible most of the time, Aztec and Jester’s. The 3rd dogtag is purposefully hidden behind the 2, to create some sort of debate and gamer attention/talk on this. Most claimed (including the Crysis wiki) that the 3rd dogtag belonged to Nomad without any proof. I found however that it belonged to Cupcake.

Clue 3

There’s also a 3rd tip about Nomad being alive and well. When you’re trying to destroy Ceph’s AAA (anti-aircraft), Psycho dedicates the take down of each Ceph AAA to everyone who is dead except for Nomad. That’s because Nomad isn’t dead. Here are the actual in-game words coming from Psycho after taking down the AAA towers, one by one:

“This is for Aztec, even though he was an asshole!” “You remember Jester? Yeah, well, **** you.” “This is for Lingshan.” “This is for Helena Rosenthal.” “This is for… well who’s left anyway?”

The question that comes into mind is, what’s with all this mystery? Does Crytek think they’re more interesting or something? Well they should check on imdb.com and see how interesting do people think Crysis 3 is. They’re not more interesting, in fact people are getting sick of the Crysis series.


After fighting with hundreds of CELL soldiers and Ceph aliens, you get to fight the Alpha-Ceph, a giant robotic arm/head which is very easy to defeat by shooting at its eyes. After that, Prophet is thrown into Earth’s orbit where he seems to have no problem breathing even though his nanosuit does not appear to have any oxygen reserves on it. Anyway, while in space, Alcatraz (brainwashed into believing he’s Prophet) points some “super high-tech” human laser satellite named Archangel into smashing a giant “primitive” Ceph starship coming out of a wormhole. Oddly, the blast doens’t kill Alcatraz/Prophet but that’s nothing compared to what’s next… now Alcatraz/Prophet falls from space, onto Earth and doesn’t die… What a joke… he didn’t die from the friction (though he’s shown in the cutscene as burning alive, while falling, nor does he have a parachute. Considering that the suit wasn’t anywhere near invincibility. A few bullets from CELL and you’re dead, even with the suit’s Armor activated, yet he survives falling from space? Right…

Anyway the suit is so in love with Prophet now that it decided to change its appearance also. In short, Alcatraz’s body is in the suit, believing he’s Prophet, while the suit no longer looks like a suit, but looks like Prophet.

As this game is somewhat obsessed with hidden/secret stuff, there is another hidden thing, a cutscene after the Credits where Psycho catches 2 members of the board of the recently fallen CELL corporation. It’s probably because Psycho wants his nanosuit back or maybe some classic revenge.


The game was the biggest disappointment out of all Crysis games. The story was childish, the game was short, finished it in just a few hours and its price isn’t cheap either. Definitely not worth it.

Our overall rating of Crysis 3: 2 Stars out of 10 Stars (and that thanks to its graphics, cause otherwise it would have been 1 out of 10)

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