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UK: Israeli raid on Syria is justified

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British Foreign Secretary William Hague claims the Israeli regime’s violation of Syria’s airspace in the air raid on a Syrian army research center is a “reaction” to the Syrian crisis rather than a breach of the country’s sovereignty.

“I’m not going to give any condemnation of Israel, rushing to any criticism,” Hague told the BBC.

In a clear attempt to whitewash the Israeli aggression, Hague further claimed that Israel has rightfully reacted to the situation in Syria.

“We have a whole massive situation in Syria to deal with … So I think we should keep our eyes on the main event, on the main crisis,” he said.

“IF it affects neighboring countries they would react in various ways, we have to get to the root causes of it and the root cause of the Syria crisis is not Israel,” he added.

This comes as Britain had initially avoided reacting to the airstrike on the research center in northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus that killed two people and injured several others in full violation of the international law.

The raid has been condemned by Iran, China and Russia with Russians calling it an “unjustified assault” and a “blatant violation of the UN Charter.”

This is while analysts believe the attack has been exactly opposite to what Hague has tried to pretend it is, that is an Israeli act of provocation to drag Syria into de facto war that would give the west an excuse for direct military intervention in the Middle Eastern country.

Following the strike, the Syrian army accused Tel Aviv of being behind the unrest in the country.

Syria has formally complained to the United Nations over the Israeli fighter jets’ attack.

Meanwhile, Britain has been playing a major role in fanning the flames of unrest in Syria by providing support for terrorists who are killing innocent civilians in the country.

Hague reiterated that stance in his interview with the BBC, saying London will “keep increasing the support, the practical support we give to the [Syrian] opposition.”


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  • Tediam

    Hague is either an idiot or a crypto-jew. Anyone in as high a position as he is and can’t see what the israelis are doing in this world has no excuse. If they are his source for his world view then an idiot like that needs to go. The jews are in everyone’s business. In the US they’ve created our image as being one-and-the-same with theirs. They don’t respect the UN and violate human rights laws we’ve help enact and then we back them?!?!?!? They are in deeper in our world’s governments than we can even begin to fathom and they’ve found all the right weak-links there to pull off the most aggregious acts ever known to mankind. Look up on youtube “The USS Liberty” and the other false flag ops they’ve done; The Lavon Affair, for instance. But be sure you look up credible sourcecs and NEVER believe anything comming from their camp. Listen to the stories from the sailors of the USS Liberty and how a jewish US admiral came on deck and threatened everyone with courts martial and worse if any of them leaked the truth about the attempted slaughter of the whole crew. LBJ was a traitor and had to be a crypto-jew fas he siding with them and was trying to help them get that ship sent to the bottom of the Med.

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