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Russia Puts Nuclear Bombers On High Alert Over American UFO Attack

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A truly unsettling Space Forces Command (VKS) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin had ordered a fleet of Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers equipped with Kh-55 nuclear armed cruise missiles to “prepare for strikes” against US targets in the Pacific should Russia be attacked by the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM), whom military analysts in Moscow had detected this past week were preparing for a “Bessel Beam” test against at least one of the estimated 40 “celestial objects” traveling towards our Earth and accompanied by Asteroid 2012 DA14.

2012 DA14, this report says, is a near-Earth asteroid with an estimated diameter of 50 meters (160 ft) and an estimated mass of 190,000 metric tons that was discovered on 23 February 2012, and yesterday (15 February) passed 27,700 km (17,200 mi) from the surface of our planet, which is a record close approach for a known object of this size.

A “Bessel Beam”, this report continues, is a field of electromagnetic, acoustic or even gravitational radiation whose amplitude is described by a Bessel function of the first kind, and in a NASA funded research paper published last year, New York University physicists David Ruffner and David Grier proposed they could build a “working tractor beam” which, among other uses, could be used to gather samples of from space.

The “test” USSTRATCOM was preparing for, and which caused “grave concern” among top Russian space scientists, this report says, was an American attempt to use their High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HARRP) facilities located in Alaska, Norway and Guam to create a “tractor beam” around the “celestial objects” traveling with 2012 DA 14 with the “goal” of having at least one of them “crash land” in the remote barren regions of either the Alaskan or Canadian Arctic.

The value of being able to capture an asteroid cannot be overestimated, VKS scientists say in this report, as one single asteroid in our solar system, 241 Germania, alone has an estimated mineral wealth value of $95.8 trillion, which is nearly the same as the annual GDP of the entire world.

Two of the Tu-95 nuclear armed strategic bombers put on alert by Putin, US news reports say, traveled towards Guam immediately prior to this USSTRATCOM “test” utilizing “multiple refuelings” and causing both American and Japanese fighter aircraft to take flight to block them.

Aside from Putin’s anger over this USSTRATCOM “test”, this report says, Foreign Minister Lavrov became so “incensed” over the Americans “space lunacy” he refused to return the calls made to him this past week by US Secretary of State John Kerry, though Russian diplomats say they may meet in March.

To the grim outcome of the USSTRATCOM “test”, this report continues, was the Americans first “tractor beam” attempt on 13 February which failed when the “celestial object” they were trying to “direct” towards the Arctic plunged into the atmosphere and exploded with great destructive effect over the Cuban town of Rodas, Cienfuegos.

The second, and most catastrophic, “tractor beam” attempt occurred over Russia when military defense forces fired upon the “celestial object” causing it to explode with a force estimated to be equivalent to a 300-kiloton nuclear warhead causing over 1,200 injuries, and which we had reported on in our previous report titled “Russia Goes On High Alert After UFO Shoot-Down Injures Hundreds”.

The third, and final, “tractor beam” attempt, this report says, occurred last evening when the “celestial object” trying to be retrieved by USSTRATCOM erupted in a massive fireball that lit up the night sky throughout Northern California terrifying many residents already uneasy after the Russian explosion earlier in the day.

Though under strict orders from Putin not to “publicly discuss” anything related to these USSTRATCOM “tests”, this VKS report says, nationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky defied the President (once again) telling RIA Novosti reporters in Moscow that the catastrophic blast over Russia was, indeed, a “US weapons test”.

Curiously, though not mentioned in this VKS report, Zhirinovsky further stated to RIA Novosti that US Secretary of State John Kerry had “wanted to warn Foreign Minister Lavrov about the “provocation” on Monday, but couldn’t reach him.

Equally important to note is that within a few hours after the catastrophic blast over Russia, President Obama privately called Putin, after which the G-20 summit, which the Russian President had been hosting in Moscow, declared there would be no global currency war, the significance of which we reported on in our 9 February report titled “World War C’ Warned To Crash US Economy By April”.

To what the ultimate consequences of these US “tractor beam tests” will be it is not in our knowing, other than to note (of course) that the last people to know the truth about them will be the American people, who continue to fail to monitor the madman they have elected to run their despotic and cruel empire and whose latest actions do, indeed, put our entire world in danger.


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6 Responses to " Russia Puts Nuclear Bombers On High Alert Over American UFO Attack "

  1. Markus Enfield says:

    It was an interesting article. But an inaccuracy should be corrected: Americans don’t elect their Presidents; they are selected by the elite families that control our country and others. Our political system is a sham and the people here know it. We don’t know how to stop the criminal organizations from using us to destroy countries around the world, and even destroy our own. Those in control of America are not Americans. They are Zionist.

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    • Jim says:

      You need to look deeper into the conspiracy!

      So deep that in fact you need to guard yourself so that you do not get misled to the wrong enemy.

      No one controls everyone in the administration at all times. Even evil can be divided. Thank God for the tower of babble incident – in which God hindered a great evil that could control a populous better when they all spoke one language, and worked together.

      Some geopolitical strategists (military men and advisors such as C.I.A) keep in check all countries for a balance of power. Iraq was a good counter proxy to Iran – but now we don’t have that [sigh].

      P.S. I bet you are Atheistic so I shall mention this: Ignore the God bit if it distracts you from the core of what I was saying.

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  2. jeanne says:

    There are a LOT of Americans that would love to clean out the corrupt Washington DC hierarchy but have been unsuccessul so far. Obama is a manman,being directed by Soros and Ayers, but unfortunately, if you grease enough palms, some will sell their souls to the Dark One. We are all living in dangerous times as Americans can not even trust our news media to report the truth any longer. I pray every night that God is watching over us.

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    • TruthNow says:

      The media has always been owned and controlled by the evil ones it was never for reporting news it was always for mass mind manipulation.

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    • JL. Dave says:

      God IS watching, and taking note of all the corruption in the US. When the time is right, He will judge this country.

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  3. John says:

    “will be the American people, who continue to fail to monitor the madman they have elected to run their despotic and cruel empire and whose latest actions do, indeed, put our entire world in danger.”

    Yes, the comments above echo the fact that we do not elect our representatives or president, the voting system is rigged now electronically with NO paper trail to audit. So as they say, garbage in, garbage out. We had one election where 89% voted yes on a measure (per exit polls) and it was “narrowly defeated” by 51% to 49%. So you put it together, it is all a sham parade for those who’s belief systems need to believe in their government.

    And this brings up the next bit of the plot – very Hegelian I might add – early on, in our grandparents time, the government WAS instructed to be honest, so as to gain the people’s trust (while the FED/IRS was busy fleecing them). Now the rug has been pulled, yet millions of voting seniors CAN NOT go there with regards to these facts, as their beliefs filter it out. Hell, even the youth were (and still are to a large extent), duped by the Obama propaganda machine as the dialectic antidote to Bushism. These guys are excellent at mass mind control, and having the reigns of major media at their disposal, can steer the sheeple anywhere they wish.

    So, if the sheeple don’t elect the imbeciles via mass propaganda, their rigged voting/electoral college system is in place as a backstop. Bottom line, we are all screwed here, and we know it now in ever increasing numbers.

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