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Flood wreaks havoc on eastern Australia

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Flood wreaked havoc on the state of Queensland, Australia, in January 2011.

Thousands of people in eastern Australia have been cut off from their homes by floodwaters, following thunderstorms and tornados that wreaked havoc to the region.

Flooding, caused by heavy rain and stiff winds, continues in Australia.

The State Emergency Service (SES) said Sunday that around 20,000 people had been cut off across the northern coasts of the eastern state of New South Wales.

Emergency officials said the isolated areas where the 20,000 people have been affected are under close watch for help.

“The New South Wales SES is monitoring isolated areas and will provide resupply or medical evacuation if required,” the emergency service said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has urged the public to avoid fast-moving waters.

The natural disaster has so far claimed two lives and caused extensive damage to public and private property in the region.

Cyclones and floods are common in Australia’s northeast during the warmer summer months. In 2011, a series of huge storms devastated large agricultural areas and key coal mines across the state of Queensland.


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  • Aussie Dan

    I don’t know where you get your information, but I live in central Queensland (which is prone to regular flooding) and yes we’ve had some rain but nothing that “wreaks havoc” like this article said. In fact we haven’t even had any flooding since January and that was caused by a cyclone. Last flood before that was in January 2011- now THAT was havoc, but lately…nada. Fear mongering at its best. I don’t know why I continue to come here. It’s obvious this site is for L-)

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