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Violence Erupts in Egypt’s Coastal Cities, Government Official Fears Collapse

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Riots have been raging along Egypt’s coast line in the cities of Cairo and Port Said. Mobs of angry protesters have gathered to voice their grievances against Islamist President Muhammed Morsi and to mourn their dead.

Though Egyptian President Morsi had issued a state of emergency and city wide curfews the chaos continues to escalate.

The head of the Egyptian military, General Abdel-Fattah el Sissi, fears the state may collapse in wake of all the turmoil.

The conflicts between protesters and police have caused property damage to hotels and businesses in the area and as many as forty people have died.

The violence has also affected the U.S. Embassy as reported by this Associated Press piece:

“In Cairo on Tuesday, rock-throwing protesters clashed with police firing tear gas for another day in battles that escalated after nightfall near Tahrir Square.

The mayhem forced the nearby U.S. Embassy to suspend public services Tuesday, and the night before masked men tried to rob the neighboring five-star Semiramis Hotel, a Cairo landmark, trashing the lobby before being forced out.”

Protesters are angry at the government and police whom they blame for the deaths of many young people that occurred during these conflicts.

Their outrage has lead to the outpouring of violence and mourning in the streets. Tanks guard government buildings and many government officials have gone into hiding or fled.

“The city now feels under siege. Shops are closed. Fearing the violence, trucks have stopped bringing in produce.

Drivers refused to bring in oxygen supplies for a private hospital after their truck came under fire by unknown assailants, a worker at the hospital said. The city is awash with weapons and known criminals are seen on motorcycles brandishing automatic weapons.”

The scene sounds extremely incendiary at this time, but hopefully General el Sissi is wrong and an economic collapse is not imminent. Time will tell how this story develops.


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