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US court orders Russia to pay $50,000 daily for Jewish books

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A U.S. court ordered Russia to pay 50,000 dollars a day for using of the so-called Schneerson Library – a collection of ancient Jewish religious literature.

Moscow will have to pay the money to Jewish Chassidic movement Chabad Lubavitch until it returns the Schneerson Collection.

This collection of books and manuscripts used to belong to one of the leaders of the movement – late Rabbi Joseph Isaac Schneerson. The library counts 12,000 books, 50,000 other documents and 381 manuscripts.

Russia does not recognize Chabad Lubavitch’s claims as the collection had been kept in Russia during all these years. In addition, the Schneerson family has no heirs to the unique collection.

The U.S. Justice agrees with the position of Moscow, but District of Columbia Judge Royce Lamberth, who took the decision, rejected the objections of the Justice Ministry.

The litigation on the Schneerson Library continues for several years in U.S. courts. In early August 2010, Judge Lamberth said that books and manuscripts were kept in the Russian State Library and Russian military archives “illegally,” and that the Hasidim had all rights for them.

Russia’s reaction was tough. Russian Foreign Ministry officials clearly stated that there would be no return made at all.


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  • Ignorance is this

    Our retarded government’s just poor, bein the neighborhood bully. “This is our land, fuck off.” – If I were Russia. US Govt’s not in a position to tell anyone what to do. It’s own people are about to strip them of their skin and set them on fire.

  • TRUE

    But that is the major problem, US government believes to be in the position of world dictator. All the embargos are illegal, all the wars starting with Vietnam, South America and now the ME and Africa are war crimes. Now US citizens are being disarmed.

  • jott

    Russia will not return them, but neither will they allow any meaningful investigation of them. I’m sure there are some very interesting things we could learn about the Jews from these books…

  • Kevin


    This Judge has no jurisdiction over Russia. His bogus “ruling” is null and void. I am afraid people will call him an anarchist and lawless. I will not be surprised if people advocate that he needs to be disbarred and removed from the bench as he is a disgrace to the Judiciary.

    Russia could sue him personally in Russia and order him to pay $50,000 per day fine. What will he do then?

    Judaists have a long history of bribing Judges and obtaining the most corrupt lawless rulings. They turn the judiciary into criminals in robes.

    Also, Chabad is a criminal organization.

    See http://www.chabad-mafia.com

    US Jewdiciary–corrupt, lawless and criminal.

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