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Jay Rockefeller Owns An AR-15 And Supports Obamas Gun Plan

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All week the mainstream media has been repeating that Obama is planning new gun legislation, which may not be an all out confiscation, but will definetly continue the steepen the slippery slope down that path.

The majority of the ruling class who own guns are usually in favor of gun control, because it doesn’t apply to them and it allows them to gain more power and leverage over the people who are disarmed.

This is the case with Jay Rockefeller, as The Daily Mail reported that:

“Sometime in the 1970s, one of the senator’s cousins gave him a Colt AR-15 assault rifle. As the Daily Mail reported in August 1994, Rockefeller kept the shooting iron at his Pocahontas County estate for several years, along with other guns.

The senator told Daily Mail Washington correspondent Jack Deutsch he no longer used the gun but called it a “terrific weapon.”

In a more recent interview he told The Daily Mail that he was in full support of stricter gun control laws, despite his long history with what the government and media would consider “assault weapons”.

The article also stated that:

“Rockefeller indicated last week he would support the president’s proposals, saying Congress could protect West Virginia’s traditions of hunting and gun ownership while still looking for ways to prevent violence.”

“I support steps that build on these ideas, while making sure our hunters’ and sportsmen’s rights are protected,” he said in the statement.

He was the only member of West Virginia’s congressional delegation to express outright support for the president’s agenda.

The laws don’t apply to him anyway so it doesn’t really matter for him, there wont be any police searching through a Rockefeller’s house or car.


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