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Israel seeks to decrease number of black population - HR activist

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Reports say Israeli healthcare officials prescribe dangerous birth control drugs to women of color to reduce the black population in Israel.

Medical centers in Israel use the contraceptive Depo Provera as a long-term birth control method to decrease the number of black babies.

According to a recent report, about 57 percent of Depo Provera users in Israel are women of color, while they form less than two percent of the total population.

People of color in Israel face widespread discrimination.

Randy Short from the Dignity, Human Rights and Peace Organization in the United States, told Press TV that Israeli jails are full of Africans and they have a prison camp in the volatile Sinai Peninsula.

Short gave the example of former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman as a very racist member of the Israeli parliament, who hates black people.

People of color in Israel are poor, homeless and discriminated against as the ideology of Zionism sees them as sub-humans, Short stated.


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  • Varg i Veum

    Well, if the suorce is the Iranian propagandachannel PressTV there is room for doubt to say at the least… :))

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    • Stephen Harper

      You are a filthy negationist.
      Where were you in 1943 ?

      They are videos about it on Youtube. The makers were clearly not Iranians.

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  • Jorgy

    How is this a new. We all know Israel is the most racist state

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  • Jean-François

    Israel is the most criminal state right now. I can’t even…. I thought this was a joke.

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    Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
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