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Israel raid on West Bank city sparks clashes with Palestinians

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Israeli military forces have conducted an arrest raid in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, sparking clashes with Palestinian residents.

Israeli troops entered the industrial zone in the city and surrounded a bakery and number of shops on Thursday morning, Ma’an news agency reported.

During the raid, around 500 Palestinians hurled rocks, firebombs, and burned tires. Israeli forces responded with live bullets and used tear gas to disperse the crowd.

Fadi Ijawi, 23, was wounded in the leg by a bullet, and taken to a Palestinian hospital.

The 93-year-old Amneh Hisnawi, was also wounded when Israeli troops attacked her home and unleashed dogs on her. She had to be transferred to a medical facility for treatment.

Meanwhile, dozens of other Palestinians suffered tear gas inhalation complications.

The Israeli operation in the city of Jenin comes a day after several Palestinians were wounded, when Israeli settlers attacked the northern West Bank village of Jalud.

Dozens of settlers entered the village, south of Nablus, and pelted it with rocks.

Two-year-old Farah Nanseem was hit in the head, and his father and uncle were also hurt.

In addition, several houses and two cars were damaged during the assault.

Residents of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank have intensified their attacks on Palestinians in recent months, with Israelis assaulting Palestinian property, including olive trees and cars.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces evicted around 500 Palestinians from their homes in the Wadi al-Maleh area in the north of the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli regime said the homes in the area were “illegal” and that the evacuation is temporary and for a military exercise.


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