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Iran to unveil space observatory in early February

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Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi says the country will unveil its first space observatory early next month when it marks the victory in 1979 of the Islamic Revolution.

“During Ten-Day Dawn [festivities], a space observatory, named after [the sixth Shiite imam] Imam Sadeq (PBUH), will be inaugurated as the first [Iranian] space monitoring station,” the minister said on Monday.

“Inauguration of a space flight base is also on the agenda of [Iran’s] Defense Ministry,” he added.

Vahidi stated that a new warplane, designed and manufactured by Iranian experts, would be flown next month.

The minister announced that Iran is also planning to launch its new explorer carrying live animals into space if everything goes ahead as projected.

On January 17, the director of Iran Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli said the country will soon send live animals into the space aboard a bio-capsule as prelude to sending humans into the space.

He added that because of biological similarities between humans and monkeys, the latter were selected for the forthcoming space mission.

Fazeli further highlighted that the plan to send animals into the space is part of a broader project to send human beings on space missions.

Iran is one of the 24 founding members of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which was set up in 1959.


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4 Responses to " Iran to unveil space observatory in early February "

  1. Zharkov says:

    It’s sad that every nation has to repeat the accomplishments of other nations in order to feel worthy and successful.

    It’s also sad that NASA is so obsessed with secrecy that 50 years after the US sent it’s first monkey into space, Iran has to do the same thing to get the data it needs.

    Whatever happened to the Iran-Russia partnership?

    Could Russia not reveal to Iran it’s monkey research in space? Let’s give the monkeys a break. They really don’t want to visit the moon.

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  2. True says:

    For Zharkov: it is not about the monkey experience :)
    I am sure Russia has already shared the data about monkey in space :) (Iran and Russia have signed agreement about mutual help in the safety sphere just today, which is more important ). For all of us the most important thing is to stop the WW3 the USA as a puppet of Israeli zionists started. Iran is doing well and I am sure that Iranian government is trying to do the best in this matter, regardless of US provocations and illegal embargo from the USA.

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  3. Ralph Garner says:

    I have long wondered just why and how humans can define that humans are civilized when world wide in all religions and alll politics, thew humans have been killing ewach other for tens of thousands of years and there nis no indication as rto just whewn the human species will ever be qable to co-exist as peace, social,compassionate, really civilized creatures. Iran is full of intelliugent people and it would be a worlld of good if they would remove any and all religions from its society and become a first example of a peaceful, socially science oriented civilized nation. Laws of peace and prosperity without monetary greed would be as close to godliness as humanly possible.

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  4. Ralph Garner says:

    Iran has what is reported to be the best of Universities in the middle east. It sure has some of the most devoted and scientificly oriented youth. Its strict religious practices would be the only fault that I believe any human would find with Iran but by the same token I would attribute to the entire world population with religious ignorance. For many years Irish catholics were at war killing each other. This is plane stupidity. SO I think the Sunni’s and the Shiites are ignorant and stupid to let this keep them apart. Iran is a beautiful, ancient and a nation that has contributed greatly to the world of science and knowledge. While christianity has tens of varieties of their religion and Islam has several versions. Yet Shiites and Sunni’s have been warring and hating each other is increditable. Iran doesn’t need drones or nuclear bombs it needs friends and understanding while Israel should be kept under lock and key. Iran has just as much right to space as any other nation on earth. Good Luck Iran.

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