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Voyager 1 reaches magnetic highway on edge of intergalactic space

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Heliopause is the theoretical boundary where the Sun’s solar wind is stopped by the interstellar medium

Voyager 1 has reached a new part of space that connects the magnetic fields of the solar system to intergalactic space.

NASA announced that it had found a new layer of space on Monday, located 11 billion miles from Earth.

NASA said recordings from the space probe indicate that it has entered a magnetic highway, which is believed to be the gateway to other planetary systems in the Milky Way galaxy.

The new discovery came after NASA scientists noticed the propulsion from the Sun’s solar wind had stopped and the magnetic field interacted with the vessel in a different direction.

The change of the two forces indicates the probe entered the start of a transition from the magnetic field of the solar system to fields of other planetary systems.

Voyager 1 has travelled the longest journey ever recorded in human history and has been going for some 35 years since its departure.

Scientists expect Voyager 1 to pass into the heliopause after approximately two years.

NASA will continue receiving signals from the ship until 2020, which is when some of the instruments have to be shutdown due to lack of power.

The ship’s onboard propulsion comes from a radioactive decay of a plutonium 238 heat source, which is expected to run out by 2025.

The journey should continue for about 40,000 years, by which time Voyager 1 would have reached the star AC+79 3888, in the constellation Camelopardalis.


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