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Ukraine cold snap claims 133 lives

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A dead pigeon on frozen ground as homeless people eat a hot meal and drink hot tea in one of newly opened tent shelters in Lviv, Ukraine.

Cold weather has claimed the lives of at least 133 people in Ukraine over the past weeks as the country experiences an unprecedented cold snap.

According to local media, most of the victims were said to be homeless people who lost their lives sleeping on the streets at night.

Over 3,000 heating shelters have been set up to provide food and a warm place to rest for the homeless and the elderly.

The cold snap has also left thousands of people without electricity across the European country.

Reports say that severe cold has prompted the hospitalization of more than 500 people since December 22.

Temperatures have plunged to minus 23 degrees Celsius in some regions including the capital Kiev.

Last year, 100 people lost their lives due to the cold in Ukraine.

Freezing temperatures have also affected Ukraine’s neighboring countries, including Russia where at least 123 people have died in recent days.


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