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Russian lawmakers approves bill to ban US adoption of Russian children

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US adoptive father Miles Harrison left the baby Dima Yakovlev strapped in a car seat in front of his office under the scorching sun with the temperature inside reaching 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The body was discovered by Harrison’s colleague nine hours later.

Russia’s parliament has overwhelmingly approved a bill that bans Americans from adopting Russian children.

On Wednesday, the assembly also passed laws that would bar Russian non-profit organizations from receiving funds from the United States.

A vast majority of 400 out of 450 deputies in the Lower House supported the Dima Yakovlev Bill, named after a two-year-old who died of suffocation after his American adoptive father left him in a closed car under the sweltering heat in 2008, for 9 hours.

The new proposals join a bill that prevents Americans who have harmed Russians, entry into the country and places a court order to freeze the perpetrators’ financial assets.

President Vladimir Putin will decide if the bill becomes law after the upper house votes on it on Friday.

Analysts say the move comes in retaliation against the US Magnitsky Act, which Putin on December 13, criticized as “purely political and unfriendly.”

On December 12, during the first State of the Nation speech in the Kremlin regarding foreign-backed NGOs, Putin said, “Direct or indirect meddling in our internal political process is unacceptable.”

Putin has increased preventative action against street demonstrations and tightened control over foreign-backed NGOs that Russia accuses of interfering in its current affairs.


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