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New Studies Reconfirm That UNDER-Population Could be a Future Problem

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While the ruling class continues to perpetuate the dehumanizing myth of “overpopulation”, a very different kind of situation is unfolding in the real world.

We are actually quickly approaching the point where the birth rate will drop so tremendously that under-population will be revealed as the true threat.

This fact has been discussed for years in the alternative media and among brave scientists who had the courage to stand up against the scientific political establishment.

However, now this issue is gaining more credibility because mainstream studies are reconfirming what many in the alternative media have been saying all along.

A recent study by the Pew Research Center highlighting this trend was even recognized recently by the Wall Street Journal, in an article titled “Political Diary: The Real Birther Problem”.

According to the article:

“A new Pew Research Center study shows that U.S. births have fallen to their lowest rate on record—63.2 per 1,000 women of childbearing age–a development that will delight population control zealots but is nothing to celebrate.

“Over the long term, nations tend to see their birthrates decline as they become more prosperous, a trend that can threaten that prosperity,” reports Miriam Jordan in today’s Wall Street Journal.

“When low fertility is coupled with low mortality, the result is an aging society with a high proportion of elderly people and relatively fewer workers to support them, a situation that Japan and many European countries face.”

Pew says that the decline is being driven by foreign-born women, who tend to have more children.

“From 2007 to 2010, the overall number of births declined 7%, pulled down by a 13% drop in births to immigrants and a relatively modest 5% decline in births to U.S.-born women,” says the report, citing the recession as a likely explanation.”

The primary cause for this trend, low fertility, is mentioned in the article, but it is totally overlooked, or just downplayed by the author.

According to Professor Steven W. Mosher of the international Population Research Institute, the populations in Europe and North America would actually be in decline if it were not for people migrating into the country. However the massive immigration phenomenon is damaging the native population which now faces extinction.

The number of births taking place worldwide have been in sharp decline over the past 20 years. If this trend continues then the world’s population will quickly peak and then begin a mysterious and dangerous decline.

Every single time throughout history that the human population has increased significantly as we have seen in the past few centuries, the commoners have been told that the growth of their community would result in chaos and mass scarcity of resources.

Of course, these predictions have never come to pass because the Earth’s human population actually has very little to do with the scarcity that exists on this planet.

The scarcity of resources that leads to many of our major problems is the result of the actions that humans are taking while on this Earth, if people respected each other and their environment then we could easily sustain another 7 billion people on top of what we already have.


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