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Most Britons Disagree with Foreign Aid - poll

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A new poll has found that only one in four people Britons support the coalition government’s international aid policy, with over 60 percent believing the money is being wasted, local media reported.

The survey commissioned by Ipsos-Mori found that only 6 percent of people strongly disagreed with the idea that foreign aid is wasted, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The survey follows a series of reports revealing that the British taxpayer’s money is being wasted on schemes that have nothing to do with reducing poverty or helping the poor.

Meanwhile, according to earlier reports, hundreds of millions of pounds from the foreign aid budget are being allocated to wealthy countries.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s insistence on keeping the foreign aid budget intact has created tension within the Conservative party.

But Cameron has defended his government’s policies and his target of spending 0.7 percent of the UK’s income on foreign aid.

“It can sometimes be a difficult argument, because we’re having tough times here at home, we’re having to make difficult decisions, but Britain is an incredibly generous country”, said the Prime Minister.

Bobby Duffy of Ipsos-Mori said the poll of 1,002 people showed how politicians should be “realistic about how far opinion can be shifted” on aid.


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3 Responses to " Most Britons Disagree with Foreign Aid - poll "

  1. Edward Teach says:

    They need to stop giving my tax money to other countries and stop importing those people over here to burden our society with their welfare needs, they are destroying this country.

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  2. David stewart says:

    We the British (especially the English) absolutely despise our governments. They have betrayed their own peoples, nations, countrymen & women. Why do you think 70% don’t bother voting? They have commited treason, against their own, without remorse, or conscience. Yes, we hate foreign aid, for that is not what it is, it’s bribery money, bribes to those who will buy products from Corporations, British politicians represent, as they no longer represent the British people. The politicos & their ilk have declared war on the British people, abused, insulted, violated, cheated, swindled, defrauded, robbed, burgled, murdered, Illegally imported criminals to rape, murder, rob British peoples, aided & abetted criminals, assisted in criminal joint enterprises, Indigenous white genocide, plus a whole lot more. As we are now at war, so be it, we the English will certainly defend ourselves with any available means at our disposal, because our Government has, does, never will, do so. As for the EU, it’s another layer of all that i have listed for our own government. Run by Marxists with a fantasy world as their objective. As for the so called intelligence services who read these web sites, you’d best run to your masters & report me for my language, maybe you can call me, mentally deranged, as you usually do for those in disagreement with your lunatic fantasy wonderland world view.

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  3. Tony Tredbilco says:

    Currently we see on TV )Sky Channels) endless new adverts telling us about the fact that people in the Third World (Africa) have no clean water to drink. (Is thsi to make us feel that no matter how impoverished and lowered standard of living Under the bankers, Cameron and the Corporate Communist Progressives liblabCon their is always those worse off…donate and make us that bit more poorer)

    After 60 plus years still the case of no basic amenities? After Endless Money Pouring into The Third World , and now from Tax Payers Directly and
    now ‘foreign aid??’whilst Cameron is also pouring money into the Destruction of secular Sovereign states like Libya, that HAD irrigation, a man made water way…to be reduced to Rubble….Meanwhile The US Corporate Communist Globalist b-anker Empire is moving military into States across Africa…Resource Wars.. ? WHY haven’t the West created a situation of All of Africa to be Self Supporting??

    Yet they Destroy Libya as a Prime Example of success for ALL of Africa..?? My Mps meps Aren’t Replying to These kind of issues questions..

    Just an eye full for the snoops

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