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Martial Law in One City: The Case of Paragould, Arkansas

“The fear is what’s given us the reason to do this,” insisted Todd Stovall, the head functionary of the paramilitary occupation force afflicting Paragould, Arkansas, as he announced that the city would be placed under martial law for the supposed purpose of deterring crime.

“Once I have stats and people are saying they’re scared, we can do this. It allows us to do what we’re fixing to do.”

What Stovall and his fellow tax-feeders are “fixing to do” is to leave the city’s streets clotted with SWAT operators toting AR-15s and official permission to harass anybody who comes within eyeshot.

The marauders “are going to be in SWAT gear and have AR-15s around their neck,” grunted Stovall at a town hall meeting held last Thursday at the West View Baptist Church.

“If you’re out walking, we’re going to stop you, ask why you’re out walking, check for your ID.”

“We’re going to do it to everybody,” Stovall explained, anticipating objections. “Criminals don’t like being talked to.”

The same is true of citizens, of course — but like most members of his paramilitary tribe, Stovall divides the world between enlightened agents of State “authority” such as himself and the Mundane population, which is to be intimidated into submission.

Stovall insists that constitutional quibbles over probable cause don’t apply, because the “crisis” justifies imposition of a city-wide curfew and garrison state measures.

“I’ve got statistical reasons that say I’ve got a lot of crime right now, which gives me probable cause to ask what you’re doing out.”

He admits that he didn’t consult an attorney before reaching that conclusion, and that “I don’t even know that there’s ever been a difference” between what he’s proposing and undisguised martial law.

To those who might complain about being harassed by Stovall’s minions, the chief offers an unqualified promise” “We have a zero-tolerance. We are prepared to throw your hind-end in jail, OK? We are not going to take a lot of flack.”

Paragould historically has a very high burglary rate, but the violent crime rate is substantially below the national average:

In 2010, the last year for which stats are available, there wasn’t a single murder in the town of roughly 26,000 people.

But political elites and their enforcers are adept at manufacturing fears, and the bullet-headed militarist who heads the police department — and appears to be building his own little private army — assumes that government derives its “just” powers from whatever fears it can instill and exploit in its subjects.


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  • tony

    Understand Paragould police feel they are substantially above the law. But not local law of Paragould. As a citizen of this community I have been and personally witnessed many times regular people being stopped for walking and told produce an ID and explain your presence and where your going and your purpose of going there. This has taken place for years as their common practice the only reason they went public with this action is because they are adding armed walking patrols to the mix. They flagrantly lie to the local court system and feel they are justified to do so as to quote their on officer we will do anything we have to do to get someone we think is a criminal off the streets(notice I said think)They hold people in a substandard jail system limiting their contact with the outside as much as possible. The people they think are criminals are usually the people they think are least able to defend themselves in a court setting. Cases in point first off the forced identification young man whose car broke down was having to walk to and from work. The police stop him ask him for his ID and require him to explain his presence when he says he’s walking from work they force him to show work ID from the Monroe shock plant where he works. Another case in point young man of color in the county jail is reported to have been severely beaten but has been placed on lock down ever since his apprehension and his family has not been able to verify his possible injuries or his well being. Another case in point young woman being held for first degree murder when their own witness says she can verify that she wasn’t where the murder had taken place. This same girl who was seventeen when charged and has now turned eighteen in jail where she has been kept since July has a medical problem and psyciatric problems that they refuse to treat because she doesn’t have insurance and Arkids program doesn’t cover her while she is incarcerated. Another case in point jail is way overcrowded and in one cell there is standing water where people have to sleep and black mold on the walls. The laws in this comunity especially around ubstructing justice are so vague that they pretty much allow the police do what ever they want to.

  • Defiant

    Welcome to Reich 4.0, where globalist sponsored eugenic nazi bastards are taking over, again, meanwhile fake green nazi liberals are passionately clapping.
    I feel really sorry for you guys and all of Humanity, I really do.
    Never give up hope.

    • Laska

      You are right. However not to give up hope is not enough. Not to give up guns and do a revolution. That is the only chance. If not, american government plans to disarm people and continue the plan of depopulation!! It is horrible true. American people did not know for years they were slaves. They have been lied for decades about their freedom. Now it is changing for worse. They became prisoners! It is high time to fight back. Look at the growing budgets for wars.American government has no intention to help people to live normal life ( to have jobs, homes, etc.). And it is very easy to solve the problem: build factories and give people job. It is much more comfortable for globalists to produce weapons and kill people, because the dead ones need nothing. Horrible future? American people need to act before it is late.

  • Laska

    To Defiant: Now I have noticed you are from Hungary. I believe that Hungarian people are one of the first that understand where the roots of proplems are. One smart member od your parliament asked for list of double citizenship of the members. Some of them have Israels. The regime in Israel is Sionism and they plan to ovepower the world. It is no mystery who is a real government in the USA. Zionists. Humanity is in danger because they want to kill all non jews which they consider to be only two legs animals and exist only for the purpose to serve jews. Look at the genocide in Palestina. It has been going for almost 7 decades! We are all guilty for not stopping it. We will end up just the same if we do not take an action.

  • Concerned mom

    I grew up in Paragould. Went into the Navy and returned to a very different place. Methamphetamine Capitol. The police only bust the ones cooking that won’t sell for them. Don’t call if you are in danger. They won’t come but will write you a ticket for bs traffic offenses that you’re not allowed to even open your mouth without being threatened with contempt in court. We have had kids in a gang that no one will investigates. Eight of them dead in the past year from quote suicide or killing each other. Elderly men killed as their home is burglarized. You tell me. Who is really the criminals?

  • Concerned mom

    Don’t look at the stats for 2010. Look and see what has happened the last 2 years. It’s awful. I’m scared for my kids to even go to school. I worry all day. We have a known aresenist in town who buys businesses and then they mysteriously burn but nothing ever happens to him. It’s ridiculous. The last people you can trust here are the police. Really it’s a joke. Typical good old boy system. Plus a Sheriff that was caught with a large amount of confiscated drugs in his home cause he supposedly didn’t have enough room at his office. Has embezzled funds and somehow keeps getting reelected when I don’t know a single person who votes for him. Yeah, they need people looking at people in this area but th police departments is the first place they need to start. A young felon female was given control over police funds cause she was sleeping with the Sheriff. Ladies in jail having to sleep with the corrections officers. You name it. They’re all crooks.

  • Wayne

    USA had a chance to bring change. Ron Paul would have protected your rights and your constitution. You chose to vote Obama. Well i am very sorry but you get what you ask for. Election after election you believe the trash these guys are feeding you. Bush, Obama, they have been stripping your rights for years. Still you believe what these guys tell you. After your last Republican nomination, if you can’t see the corruption in your government then there is something wrong. The way mainstream media ignored Ron Paul and pushed Romney. The corruption is out in the open and you refuse to see it or believe it. As long as you keep voting these guys in office, you have no reason to complain, Its your own fault….!

  • Lukin Slansky

    Wayne: How is our fault if elites pushed Romney over Ron Paul?! You have a silly utopian imaginary of the USA (United Socialist of America). It is the elites who choose nominations, not ordinary citizens.

    • jon

      You are right. I remember elections of G.W. Bush. It was pure cheating. Nobody wanted the stupid warmonger to be a president, he stole from US people a lot of money, including SS account. People in USA have only one chance left: revolution.

  • Zharkov

    Over 50 years ago, Harry Truman and JFK had gotten mafia help in getting elected. Things have only become worse since then, so that today’s elections are probably fixed well in advance. One can reasonably doubt that Obama is lawfully president because he never produced a valid birth certificate and at least one Hawaii official said there was no birth certificate on file. The fact that no court wants to examine his qualifications suggest the election was fraudulent and US courts fear the consequences of saying so.

    So did America actually vote for Obama?
    I doubt that.

    Did Ron Paul lose any primaries?
    I think we may never know for sure.

    How any American could vote for Obama when he completely failed as a president – even to the point of asking for the power to murder Americans – is a mystery.

  • David Bishop

    Someone needs to introduce this town to 42USC1983. Hiring a team of lawyers to defend this town’s unconstitutional actions in a federal court should put a crimp in their budget. If the town loses a few cases, they will get to blow more money on a Chapter 9 bankruptcy. This town is ripe for the plucking by some enterprising attorneys;-)

    • Decimate Hate

      I agree with david “Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, make a violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK. We are coming to the end of peace. We are trying it their way and they are ignoring us… Wolverines.

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