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Irish fluoridation fraud unmasked in Donegal radio show

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One of Ireland’s leading promoters of fluoridating drinking water, principal dental surgeon Dr Joe Mullen, was forced by top radio host Shaun Doherty to admit that the chemical added to Irish tap water is not , as he first told radio listeners, simply calcium and fluoride. He later admitted that it is indeed an industrial waste fluorosilicate from processing fluorspar in Spain. Shaun Doherty had opened the debate by reading from an email from a Donegal listener stating that the chemical is in fact an industrial waste from phosphate production and therefore totally unsafe in drinking water.

Later in Highland Radio’s show of 13th December 2012 Robert Pocock of www.Irelandagainstfluoridation.org asked why no medicinal authorization had been obtained for something that Dr Mullen claimed was perfectly safe to drink after just misleading listeners with his fable that fluoridation is simply ‘calcium and fluoride’.

In reply to questioning about his own daily fluoride exposure, Shaun Doherty said that he was not affected because he did not live on a fluoridated water supply. He then asked Dr Mullen what a safe fluoride intake is. Dr Mullen’s answered that if water contains over 3 parts per million of fluoride it would not be safe, but this reply missed the crucial issue that people drink widely varying amounts. Pocock intervened again to ask how Dr Mullen could claim it was safe when he had no evidence of how much fluoride people in Ireland are already exposed to.

Pocock then informed listeners that back in August 2007 Irish GP Dr Andrew Rynne had tested fluoride intake by adults in three separate, fluoridated areas of the county – Inishowen, Letterkenny and Ballybofey. These tests showed that 70% of 19 -64 year-olds in all three towns were getting above safe amounts of fluoride. He also quoted UK medical practitioner and fluoride researcher, Dr Peter Mansfield and his peer reviewed research on fluoride intake (1) based on the 2003 UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey. In fluoridated areas of England two-thirds of adults surveyed were above the safe intake. Even in un-fluoridated Scotland a quarter of adults were exposed to unsafe amounts due to fluoride widely present in both the diet and in oral health care products. Dr Mullen’s only response to this survey evidence was to label Dr Rynne ‘anti-fluoride’!

Pocock also criticized the N.Ireland Health Minister, Edwin Poots for his recent daft plan to fluoridate N. Ireland water despite not first checking local fluoride exposure, which is probably no different to un-fluoridated Scotland where one in four are already at risk. Shaun Doherty ended this courageous debate (still ducked by the national media) with a simple question “Why do we need fluoride?’ True-to-script, the principal dental surgeon for the Northwest Health Board said something about Irish kids eating too many sweets, a reply unlikely to have answered the many concerns of local listeners rarely fooled by the Dublin government line.

Note: Donegal was the only county to reject the Irish government’s referendum on 10th Nov 2012 to have children’s rights better protected, involving a change to the Irish Constitution. The government’s one-sided campaign has been unanimously censured by Ireland’s Supreme Court, thus endorsing the collective view of Donegal voters not to trust more Dublin ‘state protection’. (2) To register their opposition to this crude treatment, listeners can email the health minister, Dr Reilly from www.irelandagainstfluoridation.org


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4 Responses to " Irish fluoridation fraud unmasked in Donegal radio show "

  1. Oliver Farren says:

    About time this was brought to light. This has been going on in Ireland for years, where they have the 2nd highest rate of Cancer in Europe and they are the only Country in Europe to force-feed the public with this toxic chemical through the water supply.
    If you get cancer and drink Fluoridated water, your body treats the Fluoride as a Toxin and diverts all your body’s resources from fighting the cancer.
    If you do have cancer, do not use fluoride toothpaste either, there are many toothpaste brands that now do not contain fluoride because of it’s harmful properties.
    By the way, did you know that most Government Buildings in Ireland are not linked directly into the mains water supply, NO! they have custom water treatment systems fitted to the building’s drinking water supply.

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  2. Diane Denizen says:

    As with Mercury there is NO SAFE LEVEL.
    We have been poisoned for years by amalgam fillings (which indoctrinated dentists insist-wrongly -are safe) Vaccines contain Mercury (as Thimerasal which indoctrinated doctors insist is safe-it isn’t) along with Aluminum which is a neurotoxin (again that doctors insist is safe, again, it isn’t). Then we have the mother of all toxins, fluoride, that our government in their ‘wisdom’ have added to the water supply-illegally, I might add as this is not allowed by International Law under the Nuremburg protocol. Put in basic terms folks, the government has been allowing commercial interests to over-ride common sense and good science, in short they have allowed corporations to poison the people for profit (that is what corporations do-trade for profit, that is their only job). Please do your own research, do not simply believe what I say, find out for yourselves that all I have said is true.

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  3. john lagan says:

    It’s obvious that the US is behind water fluoridation, they rolled it out on their citizens first and then promoted it worldwide. The big questions are why and who’s behind it. It’s equally obvious to anyone who has even taken a cursory look into this subject, that it’s not about poor kids who don’t brush their teeth. The purpose is clearly sinister as a poisonous cocktail of chemicals is being deliberately added to our drinking water. Fluoridation certainly does subdue the population, an effect many other poisons would have. It also creates numerous adverse health effects including reducing fertility, and consequently lowers life expectancy. I don’t know if we will ever know the prime reason for fluoridation, but the major benefactors are the chemical, pharmaceutical and medical multinational companies, who are able to exert huge financial pressure on governments.

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  4. alan fitzsimons says:

    did you know folks are new rulers the germans have banned flouride in all water since 2010 on the grounds of its harmful effects to health,also during WW2 the germans laced the drinking water with flouride to keep the prisoners like zombies,google it folks and research,

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