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Bosch under fire for tech sales to Chinese prisons

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Inmates in a Chinese prison

German multinational engineering and electronics company, Bosch, has come under attack by human rights activists for offering surveillance systems to China to spy on inmates at visiting time.

Kai Muller, the manager of the International Campaign for Tibet, told the German-language newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung that it is unacceptable that the Gerlingen-headquartered company is touting for trade with Chinese jails.

Wolfgang Buttner from Human Rights Watch also criticized the sale of surveillance technology to China.

Bosch, however, said it was being attacked unfairly, and that it was keeping to all the rules and agreements regarding foreign sales.

A spokesman said the company was contributing to positive developments in the Chinese society and economy.

He went on to say that the sales were not being made directly to prisons or authorities, but to electronics dealers, adding that Bosch could not control where the products were later used.


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One Response to " Bosch under fire for tech sales to Chinese prisons "

  1. Jack Longchamp says:

    It is a great big difference if you sell surveillance gear to a damnocratic rather than a not-so-damnocratic state as we all know that in the free fantastic demagogocrazies prisoners actually VOTE to do time.
    Or am I wrong ?

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