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Boat arrivals in Australia may reach 30,000 in 2013

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen insists Australia’s tough asylum seeker policies are discouraging Sri Lankans from getting on boats despite a warning that boat arrivals could total 30,000 in 2013.

The minister’s comments came as refugee advocate Paris Aristotle warned asylum seeker boat arrivals, which reached around 2500 in November, were likely to increase next year.

“At the current rate of arrivals, we could see upwards of 25,000 to 30,000 people coming (in 2013),” Mr Aristotle told a parliamentary committee in Canberra on Monday.

“There is simply no way our navy has the capacity to get to every boat that will get into distress in those circumstances.”

Mr Aristotle was part of an expert panel which in August made 22 recommendations to the federal government on asylum seeker policy.

The Gillard government adopted all of the recommendations which included the reopening of offshore processing centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

Mr Aristotle said a long-term commitment was needed to stop the boats.

“If we think this is going to be fixed in three months we are delusional,” he said.

Panel chair Angus Houston told the committee that since August at least 213 people had died at sea and more deaths were likely in coming months.

“With the monsoon season upon us now I think it’s inevitable there will be further loss of life at sea,” he said.

Since August, Australian authorities have returned more than 700 Sri Lankans, who had arrived by boat, back to their homeland after deciding they were not refugees.

Mr Bowen says this was discouraging others from taking the perilous boat journey to Australia.

“We’ve seen a very big reduction in the number of people arriving from Sri Lanka in recent weeks – it’s been 13 days or so since we had a boat from Sri Lanka,” he told Fairfax radio on Monday.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr is in Sri Lanka this week discussing ways of ending the people smugglers’ trade.

The minister on Monday unveiled a four-point plan to fight people smuggling, which included Australia giving Sri Lanka extra surveillance and search and rescue equipment.

Australia will also host a joint training program on maritime surveillance for Sri Lankan naval officers.

Senator Carr said images of Sri Lankans being returned from Australia will be screened on Sri Lankan television and cinema screens to show that “if you give money to people smugglers, you’re not going to succeed”.

“That’s the most powerful way we can puncture the business model that lies behind this recent spike in numbers from Sri Lanka,” Senator Carr told Sky News.

Meanwhile, the government announced on Monday that it had reopened the Pontville Immigration Detention Centre in Tasmania and 95 Afghan men had been transferred there from Christmas Island.

The facility has a capacity of 400 and is expected to receive more detainees.


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  • Alexander Ziggy

    The ONLY reason the Australian Labor Government under Australia’s first UNELECTED female prime minister – is to bolster their vote in marginal western Sydney seats in the upcoming federal election. Chris Bowen and Sarah Hanson Jones have been pushing the asylum seeker agenda and keep making excuses for their INCOMPETENCE. But, everyone in Australia knows that this is not about asylum seekers – its about trashing our freedoms by importing people from places that will never integrate into Australian society, nor will they ever assimilate with our Judeo-Christian heritage because they have their own beliefs. Well, if their beliefs are so great, how come they have so much problems in their own countries? Why do they want to bring their religious problems here? They will do here what they have done in France, in Chechnya, in Yugoslavia, in Urumchi (China)and in Israel (Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights). There is no way to resolve their problems because they demand that everyone adopt their point of view – every other view of the world is NOT allowed. And as for Bob Carr, the most incompetent foreign minister to ever hold the post – if he has his way, he will not worry about asylum seekers coming to Australia by boat – he will FLY THEM STRAIGHT in to Sydney. I suggest all the labor politicians play host to one muslim asylum seeker family for one year and see if they can assimilate with the asylum seeker – and once they assimilate, they and the labour politicians should both be exported back to where they came from – that would solve all our immigration and asylum smuggler problems. Having said that – I am all for legitimate immigrants who take their place in a queue and WAIT THEIR TURN AND BE PROCESSED PROPERLY IN LINE WITH ALL OUR IMMIGRATION REQUIREMENTS.

    • jon

      It is quite easy to understand.. Australia is overpowered by Zionists ( those you have named are for sure). And their plan is to get into fight muslims and christians. NWO plan is about it. Globalization will be much easier if depopulation of the Earth comes first. And if people kill each other because of religion, it will save a lot of money to the globalists. Do you think I am crazy? You can, but this is a simple math. By the way, why do you think there are so many american soldiers coming to Australia and your government allows to build bases there?

  • SjpNigel

    Well said Alexander ziggy. Democracy is a numbers game. Our politicians are dreaming if they think these people will assimilate. Everyone know that except them it seems.

    • jon

      Nigel: why do you not use your brain. Please. How can you say that your politicians are dreaming? No way. They know the same you do. They only follow orders from USrahell globalists. Those people will NOT assimilate, because it is not simply possible. Imagine yourself going to another country. You will always stay the same you have been most of your life. We really need to start with answer to this question: why these people have to leave their countries. Who is pushint them and why!

  • Sheath

    This is a ticking time bomb! Look at the horrendous mayhem immigrants cause in Europe and California…

  • Vlad the Impaler

    G’day mate :))
    mick dundee the reptile, reloaded :))

    it is not a bomb, it is a catastrophe!!

  • Yoshitsune’s Kettle

    Australia is Anglo-Abo,other peoples are exactly that.

    Nations are based on homogenity and common purpose,as we see it is the work of traitors to ruin this in persuance of unsustainability.

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