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Argentina links union officials to riots

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Argentinean President Christina Kirchner’s government has blamed two top officials from the country’s trade unions for organizing a wave of protests, which has resulted in the deaths of four people and injured some 100 others, says a Press TV report.

A day before the violent incidents last week, General Confederation of Labor (CGT) Secretary-General, Hugo Moyano, and Pablo Micheli, the head of a fraction of Argentine Workers’ Central Union (CTA), backed anti-government protests.

The CTA General Secretary Hugo Yasky said, “Vandalism is an excuse for right-wing groups” to “tell the world that Argentina” is against the people.

“I don’t think unions were directly involved in the incident, but I do think groups that had ties with them took part in the events,” Yasky added.

The recent riots came amid growing anger with Kirchner’s government over rising crime and economic uncertainty, according to reporters.

The violent incidents saw people starting looting in the southern city of Bariloche. The looting spread to the province of Santa Fe and Buenos Aires.

Health officials in Santa Fe’s northern city of Rosario reported the deaths of a 17-year-old girl from a gunshot to the leg a woman from a gunshot to the head.

Two other people were killed as crowds raided stores on the outskirts of Rosario.


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