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Western democracy 'unacceptable' for Belarus - Lukashenko

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Democratic principles adopted in the West, including those that attempt to control elections, are not right for Belarus, the nation’s President Aleksander Lukashenko said Monday.

Advising his nation to “calm down over [Western] democracy,” Lukashenko implored the students and faculty of the Belarusian State Economic University to consider what is happening in Spain, Italy, France and Greece, European countries where protesters are taking to the streets over harsh austerity measures.

The Belarusian leader, who has been labeled ‘Europe’s last dictator’, ridiculed the West for its misplaced criticism.

“You [the West] are reproaching me for dictatorial ways,” he railed. “But every day you douse your people with water (cannons) and teargas them.”

No one is talking about how many people have been injured, he added.

Lukashenko then rattled off a list of recent Western activities to support his argument.

The West “killed millions of people in Afghanistan and leveled Iraq when it needed oil,” he argued. Then there was former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, “a great democrat,” who borrowed US$150 million from Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi, only to bomb him three years later.

“Special forces raped and killed him [Gaddafi],” he alleged.

Is that democracy, he asked?

The Belarus leader then invited his audience to “travel to America” to see how elections are held there.

“In my opinion, 50 million people were unable to vote simply because they were not on voters’ lists,” Lukashenko said. “There were 23 or 25 candidates [for the US Presidency], but you only heard about Obama and Romney, and the other 25 were jailed for attempting to engage in discussion with those ‘whales.'”

Lukashenko rejected the idea of having Western leaders lecture Minsk on democracy.

“No, thank you, we will hold our elections ourselves,” he concluded.


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  • Zharkov

    The U.S. is not a democracy but is a constitutional republic. A democracy can devolve into tyranny by vote of the majority. A constitutional limit prevents that from happening.

    The difference is important because it means the central government is supposed to have limited powers. The primary sovereign power is vested in the citizens, not the central government.

    It is the citizens who delegate a portion of their power to form states, and the states delegate a portion of their power to form a national government.

    At least that was how it was supposed to be.

    What exists now in Western governments is mostly an oligarchy of wealthy politicians who decide what they want from the citizens. It’s the opposite of “Democracy”. It’s the wolves deciding how much of the sheep should be eaten.

    Americans are not thrilled with this kind of democracy, as shown by the 9% approval rating for Congress, and the criticism about the choice of candidates handed to us.

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  • Zharkov

    Interesting article on the subject:

    Is the U.S. capable of being a dictatorship? Indeed we are. Let me share with you a disturbing story of “The Wave”.

    In 1967 teacher Ron Jones was faced with this question. While discussing Nazi Germany in his World History class a student posed the question how could the German people just sit there while their country was slipping into a dictatorship? How could the German people say they did not know that these things were happening? Mr. Jones decided to explain this to his class by way of an experiment.

    The Experiment

    “In 1967, at the Cubberley High School in Palo Alto, California, World History teacher Ron Jones was asked about the Holocaust by a student. “Could it happen here?”

    According to the press release accompanying the latest retelling of the events that followed, “Jones came up with an unusual answer. He decided to have a two week experiment in dictatorship. His idea was to explain fascism to his class through a game, nothing more. He never intended what resulted, where his class would be turned into a Fascist environment where students gave up their freedom for the prospect of being superior to their neighbors.

    Monday morning he straightened the classroom, dimmed the lights and played Wagnerian music. The word “discipline” was written on the blackboard. He then had the students sit up straight in their chairs with hands placed flat across the small of their backs. In this setting, he devoted the remainder of the class to the topic of discipline.

    By the second day, Jones developed a special greeting, a wave. It became known as the Third Wave, and if students saw each other outside class, they were to use it. In his lectures, Jones went from “discipline,” to “strength through community,” and then to “strength through action.”

    By midweek, his “experiment” expanded to sixty students, and by the week’s end, more than two hundred were participating. Other teachers and the school’s principal stood by and watched.

    The first sign of concern came when some students had taken it upon themselves to report others who did not conform. After just four days, things got out of hand. Jones feared for the safety of a few students who refused to participate. To his dismay and alarm, the experiment was so blindly embraced by the students, that he cut the project short. “Initially I just wanted to show my students how powerful the pressure to belong can be, but the exercise got out of control. A momentum began to build that I couldn’t slow, or even deter. I became frightened by the day-to-day happenings in class, and was forced to call it off,” recalls Jones.”


    As we can clearly see, it was not hard at all to take a class of students and turn them into a 1967 version of the Hitler youth.

    In just a very short time, The Wave took on a life of it’s own. Those not even in Mr. Jones’ class were recruiting themselves – joining the Wave without invite. This experiment clearly showed how quickly that people are very dependent creatures. It showed just how quickly the students became obedient when they were told what to do & how to act. They quickly turned on other students that did not buy into the Wave. Bathrooms were set on fire, student on student violence ensued.

    To prevent dissent and disobedience the Wave, spying on other members ensued. ID cards were given to the members with certain duties and responsibilities assigned to students such as security, bodyguards and so on. Free speech was quelled when students tried to write articles for the school newspaper that did not paint a pretty picture for the Wave.

    Does this sound familiar at all? This is exactly what we see in our society now.

    To put it simply, people WANT to be led, they want to be told what to do. When they are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it by the state it destroys individuality. It destroys critical thinking and brings about blind obedience regardless of what the true intentions of the “leader” may be.

    Group think is defined as this: “a psychological phenomenon that occurs within groups of people, in which the desire for harmony in a decision-making group overrides a realistic appraisal of alternatives. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative ideas or viewpoints. Antecedent factors such as group cohesiveness, structural faults, and situational context play into the likelihood of whether or not group think will impact the decision-making process. The primary socially negative cost of group think is the loss of individual creativity, uniqueness, and independent thinking.”

    This is exactly what happened in 1967 to The Wave and it is alive an well in todays society.
    You are either with us, or you are against us.
    I know THAT sounds familiar.

    The establishment expects you to accept what they do, and if you voted for these tyrants, you have blood on your hands, bottom line.

    If you voted for Obama, like my sister did, you support the killing of innocent Palestinians.

    If you voted for Romney, well, you voted for the same.

    Blindly following leaders is a very dangerous trap to fall into. There is no quick fix to this problem. It needs to be fixed within oneself, not in the voting booth. Change your thinking.

    No one in the alternative media is going to do that for you.

    No one, and I repeat no one, can be “woken up” by another human being.

    It has to be done by the individual themselves. Put yourself back into the equation, realize that you in fact are part of the problem due to your lack of critical thinking due to your blind obedience…


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