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Voting machines in Kansas, Ohio reportedly changing Romney votes to Obama

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An election official goes through the steps to check voting machines for accuracy.

Voters in Ohio and Kansas have said that some voting machines used in early voting are changing Romney votes for Obama, two separate reports said Wednesday.

According to the Marion Star, early voter Joan Stevens tried to cast her ballot for Mitt Romney, but the machine kept defaulting to Barack Obama.

“Upon selecting ‘Mitt Romney’ on the electronic touch screen, Barack Obama’s name lit up,” the Star reported, adding that it took Stevens three attempts before the correct vote would register.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s irritating,” she said.

The Blaze reported Wednesday that a voter in Topeka, Kansas, also had problems casting her ballot for Mitt Romney.

A woman identified only as Nancy reportedly told The Blaze that “while her husband was casting a vote for Romney, the touchscreen highlighted Obama.”

“He played around with the field a little and realized that in order to vote for Romney, his finger had to be exactly on the mark,” she said in an email.

“She said ‘the invisible Obama field came down about 1/4 [of an inch]’ into what should technically have been the Romney area. In a phone interview with The Blaze, she explained further that her husband said he felt the area on the touchscreen that could be pushed to vote for Obama was larger than that for Romney,” Liz Klimas wrote.

“My concern is, is this intentional?” Nancy asked, but the Kansas Secretary of State’s office said that was highly unlikely, given that Kansas is not a contested state.

Last week, we reported that voters in Guilford County, North Carolina, experienced the same thing with machines used in early voting there. Once the machines were re-calibrated, however, the issue seemed to go away. Examiner


Sophie Rogers, director of the Marion County Board of Elections, said the incident involving an errant vote has been settled. The Marion Star

“We have to assure the members of Marion County that there is nothing wrong with the election,” she said on Wednesday. The Marion Star

As numerous callers and emailers have contacted The Star, including readers from Florida, Oregon, Texas and New York, this does not appear to be an isolated incident. On Oct. 23, WGHP FOX8 in Greensboro, North Carolina, had several reports that President Barrack Obama’s name came up when Gov. Mitt Romney was selected. The Marion Star

One reporter for FOX8 said he received over a dozen calls from four different counties. The Marion Star

KMOV CBS4 in St. Louis reported a similar error on Oct. 25. The Marion Star


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