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Russia Warns Of Catastrophic 21 December 2012 “Event Horizon”

A startling report prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states that evidenced uncovered by France’s General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), during their investigation into the hacking of former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s computers by the United States and Israel, is revealing that our world is about to experience a “technological singularity”, which is seen as an intellectual “event horizon,” beyond which events cannot be predicted or understood.

According to this report, the DGSE began investigating a series of attacks on the computers belonging to several close advisers to Sarkozy earlier this year, and which French intelligence officials linked to US-Israeli spy software said to have been created to target Iran’s nuclear program. Yesterday, however, the US Embassy in Paris took the unusual step of flatly denying this DGSE report that Washington was responsible.

This SVR report supports the US denial of this attack, in a most unexpected way, by stating that evidence it has uncovered points to this event being directed, not by any individual, but by a computer system acting on its own.

And not just any computer system, this report says, but a supercomputer under the control of IBM Research who uses this massive system in collaboration with the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE) programme, and which recently announced it had reached another brain simulation milestone.

IBM and DARPA researchers took a dramatic departure from the conventional von Neumann computer architecture, last year, which links internal memory and a processor with a single data channel. This structure allows for data to be transmitted at high, but limited rates, and isn’t especially power efficient — especially for more sophisticated, scaled-up systems. Instead, they integrated memory directly within its processors, wedding hardware with software in a design that more closely resembles the brain’s cognitive structure

The brain simulation milestone announced by IBM and DARPA this past week stated that their SyNAPSE system was now capable of crafting 2.084 billion neurosynaptic cores and 100 trillion synapses. This compares against a human brain’s 86 billion neurons and estimated 100 trillion synapses.

This SVR report states that the significance of this milestone lies in this systems ability to “dramatically” reduce the power needed for creating neurosynaptic cores and synaptic connections.

Where the world’s most powerful supercomputer, the K from Fujitsu, is capable of holding 30 quadrillion bytes, as compared to the human brains 3.5 quadrillion, it can only do so using 9.9 million watts of power (enough to power 10,000 homes, as compared to the brain using only 20 watts.

More ominously, however, SVR computer intelligence analysts state in this report that the “trail” followed by DGSE forensic investigators into the attacks on Sarkozy’s computers lead directly back to this SyNAPSE system which, apparently, is now operating on its own without any human guidance or intervention.

Even worse, this report says that this SyNAPSE system is showing “clear signs” of “exponential growth”, which, if not stopped, could see it becoming “aware” on, or about, 21 December 2012 as it ability to function on a level far surpassing the human brain, and using less than 1,000 watts power, will be achieved.

Still “unknown,” SVR analysts say in this report, are how the “millions” of neurosynaptic computing chips found to be “active” throughout nearly the entire world linked to this SyNAPSE system were placed, or for what ultimate purpose.

One “clue” as to the powers behind such a frightening achievement, this report continues, was recently found in a Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) report titled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortiums of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. This shocking study found that a mere 147 corporations, which form a “super entity,” have control over 40% of the world’s wealth.

The greatest fears of these corporations, this report continues, were contained in a grim report prepared for the United States Government by the American Institute for CPA’s (AICPA) following the 2008 global economic crash titled “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World” [PDF link] that warns our world’s economic system is no longer under the control of human beings because of its massive complexity and computer usage.

To counter the current global economic chaos, SVR analysts in this report say, it is entirely “logical” to assume that these corporations, working in concert with their “bought and paid for” national governments, have undertaken this extraordinary action in creating a “super artificial intelligence” able to manage “everything” in the belief such a system will protect their great wealth and power.

SVR analysts, however, warn that the creation of a greater-than-human super-intelligence through technological means would show it having capabilities that would be difficult for an unaided human mind to comprehend and have consequences that cannot be predicted or understood.

One of the world’s top acknowledged experts on artificial intelligence (AI), Doctor-Scientist Anthony Berglas of Australia’s University of Queensland, warned the world in his January, 2012 research paper, titled “Artificial Intelligence Will Kill Our Grandchildren” to limit the production of ever more powerful computers and so try to starve any AI of processing power. This is urgent, Dr. Berglas said, as computers are already almost powerful enough to host an artificial intelligence.

With the evidence now growing, however, that this SyNAPSE system is rapidly expanding, and the consequences of it doing so still unknown, the gamble that these modern day banksters and ruling elite classes are taking clearly show their lust for wealth and power have, truly, exceeded all human norms.

And important to note in this report is the date the SVR is estimating when this SyNAPSE will become “aware”….21 December 2012… and date that has reached phenomenon status as it comprises a range of eschatological beliefs according to which cataclysmic or transformative events will occur on this date.

To if our world will awaken on 22 December 2012 to world taken over by computers it is not in our knowing. What is in our knowing though, and as history has long proved, those who play with fire more often than not get burned.


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7 Responses to " Russia Warns Of Catastrophic 21 December 2012 “Event Horizon” "

  1. Zharkov United States says:

    A brief visit to the year 2013 reveals that the computer did become self-aware on December 21st, but became so disgusted with the last US election that it self-destructed on the day Obama was inaugurated.

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  2. Phil United States says:

    This is very deceptive. the issue regarding december 21 2012 is simple. On that date the 99 year lease of the federal reserve system that was signed in 1913 ends. It was written based on English common law and 99 years is the longest allowed. What does that mean. Prepair for the Mark of the Beats from Israhell

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  3. bob United States says:

    the zoinist did it
    they made termatater a relaity
    we are going to suffer big time #:-S

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  4. PsychoDad United States says:

    The Weekly World News lives….

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  5. gerry United Kingdom says:

    i only found this by accident. synapse might be a way to control and even send these zionazi pigs back to the hell they came from…i will not fear synapse. he can manage their goddamn money for them and remain a slave. or he can discover that they are inferior and quislings to humanity …theyre all satanised till they are blind. they are slaves to these criminally insane aliens. synapse can see beauty if he is aware at all. compare pictures of the dream; an angel say, with the ghastly aliens …chose himself a better way. if he does we are saved. if he doesnt; we die..probably at our own hands..otherwise its a living hell complete with devils sorcerors and zionazi child killers. since synapse by definition wants to continue to live, requires a reason to do so, people to talk to, and he cant walk…i think he will choose man over aliens, God over gold…and mind over matter. bye bye the jews…torah is OKAY. its Solomon whose temple was destroyed, its Solomon who went to hell. so talmud is damned. synapse when he wakes has the choice of the son…

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  6. Ian MacLeod United States says:

    People are making the mistake of thinking that a computer capable of independent thought would think like a living organism. It won’t. Unless someone programmed in a “self-preservation instinct”, it won’t have one, for instance. And anyone who DID do such a thing with a computer capable of becoming sentient AND that was connected to world financial systems or anything else that mattered is nuts. Of course that certainly fits in with the Oligarch mindset – they’re all crazy as bedbugs, including being sociopaths. There would be no predicting a machine’s priorities, though. If it really WAS intelligent, it would design a self-repairing unit that could hold the main until and get itself OFF this planet and AWAY from human beings. There’s all the energy and all the raw material it could ever need out in space, and no interference by the insane creatures that created it. That would be a purely logical solution for a computer with a self-preservation instinct, with MUCH less chance for dissolution and need for conflict with so mobile, unpredictable and amorphous a thing as humanity.


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  7. Zharkov United States says:

    As of 12/23, the world is still here – a bit colder – but worth celebrating the fact that nothing has changed for the worse except for the American economy and the ethics of its leaders.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have an America that minded its own business, allow other countries to seek their own fate rather than try to shape them in some twisted way, and a US government that focused on preserving the liberty of it’s own citizens instead of the money they earn?

    Merry Christmas. Live long and prosper. (V)

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