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Russia no. 1 in TOP 10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rates In 2012

There has been an increasing rate of separation or divorce among couples and this list will show you the top 10 countries with highest divorce rates in 2012.

Despite of the legal matrimony and orientation about the sanctity of marriage, whether it is religious based beliefs or principles in life, we could see that the values and morals for marriage relationships are being torn down.

The weakening effects of marriage can be seen in any form, wherein some reasons could be ruled down into four, such as adultery, where it includes extra marital affairs or unlawful sexual encounter or infidelity, domestic violence, addictions of any form, midlife crisis, and workaholism.

You may wonder that the civilized countries of the world are at the boom in the list of divorce rates.

They are running very fast to catch the materialistic gains and they are ignoring constantly the terms of ethics and the worth of human’s wants.

That’s why they are facing the bitter realities of harsh circumstances which are spreading so fast in the couples.

Although they are at the top in the rate of progress and development yet they are at the poor condition by the family systems.

Here are the top 10 countries with highest rates of divorce as per 1,000 persons in 2012.


Russia is at the top in the countries which are at the boom in the rate of divorces in 2012. It has secured almost 5.30 percent rates of divorces. Some of these divorces were become because they were based unfaithful and baseless married couples. In Russia, women have no actual existence that they want. They are bound to meet the expenses of their whole family instead of men. This thing bring a sign of hatred in them and as a result, they want t get rid f the responsibilities of their family by demanding divorce from their owners or husbands.


Aruba is at 2nd number in my list. Here women have no actual importance to make a whole pleasurable family. Instead of normal marriage, Arubans preferred the same sex-marriages. This is the basic reason of increasing divorce ratio in Aruba. In Aruba, the divorce ratio has become at 5.27 percent in the whole country.


Although USs is now a super power state whole around the world yet it is an ill-mannered nation as well because of the rude behavior of the country fellows among themselves. The Americans are filled with hatred among each other and a passion of selfishness can be observed in even a daughter and her mother. That’s why the divorce rate has become up-grade in Americans. They have secured round about 4.19 percent divorces in 102.

4.South Korea and Lithuania

South Koreans are not at least in the rate of divorces in 2012. They are at number 4th in my list and at internationally, they had face very difficult circumstances in economic on 1997. The effects of these economical clashes spread a sign of hatred and selfishness among its breeds and now they have secured 3.05 percent rate of divorcing in 2012.

5.Czech Republic

It is said that this European state has long lasting effects and traditions of divorcing. The effects of this rubbish action is now spreading very fast upon the young new married couples and they do not care in lifting and giving divorces even at nothing. They have secured almost 3.11 percent age in divorce rates.


The basic reason of highest rate of divorces in Cuba is the different languages and traditions. They have secured 3.16 percent age in divorcing in 2012. They are too much ill-minded in the matter of family troubles to be face and to become a helper of their ancients.


It had got 3.50 percent divorce rate whole around the state. One of the biggest reasons of divorces in this country is too much working of women. They are forced to do not only their official working, but also the house obligations when they return at home after their working at office.


Belarus is one of the European states. It is rich with agricultural machinery. They have collectively a handsome repute worldwide but individually, they are too much hearted and broken soul. They have secured 3.77 percent ratio in divorcing on 2012.


It got 9th spot in my list. It said this state has very bad results in marriages just because of mischief and misunderstandings among the marriage couples. They are reached at the 3.79 percent in the ratio of divorcing in 2012.


Most noticeable reason of up-coming divorce rate in this state is cheating. Once it was known as the divorce capital of the whole world. But now it is faced the un-successful marriage couples who are spreading a sign of ill-surety upon the minds of the up-coming breeds. It has secured 3.80 percent rate of the divorces in 2012.

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6 Responses to " Russia no. 1 in TOP 10 Countries With Highest Divorce Rates In 2012 "

  1. Aika Kazakhstan says:

    hi! could u tell me where did u find such information (divorce rates , 2012) by counries? in which rating office?

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  2. Laura Russian Federation says:

    What you’ve written about Russia is completely inaccurate. Especially the part about women bearing expenses – that’s the role of men here.

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    • tuttu India says:

      i completely agree to what laura says, i have met some real hardworking russian men, and their wife dont bear any financial family expenses.

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  3. JanB United States says:

    Actually, there are statistics regarding divorce. All Anglo-Saxon countries are in the top 10 but so is Russia ;)

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  4. blue rabbit United States says:

    Oh dear. So that is how some Europeans view us. Sadly, this is mostly true. Divorce and remarriage is done out of selfish ambition most of the time. If I ever get married and have children, I never want them to go through the same things that I had to go through.

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