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Mountain pine beetles up weather temperature in Canada

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A mountain pine beetle

A beetle species has affected on the climate of British Colombia in Canada during past decade as caused recent warmer summers in the region.

The destructive beetle, with the size of a grain of rice, by lowering the amount of water pumped into the air by plants has induced crucial alteration on local climate as forest fires.

Researchers claim that due to decreasing summer evapo-transpiration, the movement of water from the ground to the atmosphere by plants caused by the beetle, summer temperature in Canada’s British Columbia has increased by one degree Celsius.

The tiny beetles, also known as mountain pine beetles destroy pine trees by laying eggs under the bark as well as introducing a fungus to live on the wood that prevents the tree’s fighting against the attacking beetle.

According to the study published in the journal Nature Geoscience, the alteration occurred in almost 20 per cent of vast area of provincial British Columbia, a region of some 271,949 square kilometers of pine forest.

“Land cover change in the case of insect infestation is less well ordered than in other types of disturbance, because both the scale of the impacted areas and the level of mortality within affected areas are variable,” said Dr Holly Maness, from the University of California at Berkeley in the United States.

“Future work is needed to understand the circumstances under which patchy and variable forest mortality drive significant secondary changes in regional climate,” Maness stressed.


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