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'Islamization of Europe a good thing' - Rabbi

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Jews should “rejoice” at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity in favor of Islam as “punishment” for its “wickedness” and “corruption,” a leading Israeli settler rabbi has announced.

According to a report on YNet news, the well-known rabbi Baruch Efrati, a yeshiva head and community rabbi in the West Bank settlement of Efrat, made the remarks on a Jewish website in response to a question about the Islamification of Europe.

“Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there,” Efrati said.

“We will never forgive Europe’s Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity.

“And now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won’t be able to atone for,” he said.

“With the help of God, the gentiles there will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt,” the rabbi added.

“Even if we are in a major war with the region’s Arabs over the Land of Israel, Islam is still much better as a gentile culture than Christianity,” rabbi Efrati concluded.

The outburst by the Yeshiva head illustrates two important points: firstly, that Zionist hatred of Europe is so great that they would rather see Europe overrun by Islam, the Zionist’s mortal enemy, than see it survive and preserve its own identity; and secondly, it underlines the true nature of Zionism and media control.

Imagine if a Christian priest anywhere announced that “Judaism is fundamentally corrupt, wicked and that Israel deserved to be overrun by Muslims.”

The media would leap on such a priest and he would be hounded out of their work and society in general.

Yet a leading rabbi can make such remarks and not only attract zero media attention, but be nurtured and protected by the Jewish state.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a radical Zionist occupier and oppressor of the Palestinian people reveals to us the real feelings of Zionists everywhere. Their utmost enemy is not Muslims or Arabs, it is the European, Christian people of the West.

That may sound hard to believe for the unaware but this is the main current of Jewish intellectual thought, not simply the view of some radicals off in the desert of the West Bank. For instance, you can read a long and detailed Wikipedia article called history of the Jews in the land of Israel.

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