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Iran issues a warning for America after attacking spy drone

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Following confirmation from both sides that an American surveillance drone was fired at by Iranian jets, top brass with Iran’s military say the country won’t hesitate to shoot again next time a US craft enters its airspace.

“The defenders of the Islamic Republic will respond decisively to any form of encroachment by air, sea or on the ground,” Brig. Gen. Massoud Jazayeri, a senior armed forces commander, told the Fars news agency in a report published on Friday.

One day earlier, the Pentagon admitted that an unmanned aerial vehicle managed by the US Defense Department escaped unscathed from enemy fire during a routine surveillance mission 16 miles outside of Iran on November 1. Iranians do not contest that account entirely, but do dispute America’s claim in regards to where exactly the incident occurred. According to the Pentagon, the drone was targeted last week while flying far enough off of the Iranian coast that it was considered to be in international territory. While Iran has declined to offer an exact number to counter America’s claims of being 16 nautical miles off land, remarks from foreign defense officials suggest that the US could have been closer.

Comments from both Gen. Jazayeri and Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi, Iran’s minister of defense, suggest that the US aircraft was within 12 miles from the Iranian coast, making it fair game for that country’s air force to open fire.

“If any foreign aircraft attempts to enter our airspace our armed forces will deal with them,” says Jazayeri, who also serves as the deputy chairman to the country’s chief of staff. Jazayeri failed to specifically imply he was discussing the drone, but made his comments hours after the Pentagon confirmed that their craft was fired at.

According to the New York Times, Iran also disputes where the shooting actually originated from. Initially, the US says two airplanes controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot at the drone. As far as Gen. Vahidi, the defense minister, is concerned, that’s incorrect. The Times writes that Vahidi believes “the two Iranian planes, which the Pentagon had identified as Russian-made Su-25 jets known as Frogfoots, belonged to the Iranian Air Force.” The paper notes that America’s insistence that the attack came from the Guard Corps pins the blame on a group “whose activities are routinely more aggressive than the conventional Air Force.”

George Little, Pentagon press secretary, told reporters on Thursday that the United States has every intention of continuing its routine spy missions from international territory outside of Iran.

“The United States has communicated to the Iranians that we will continue to conduct surveillance flights over international waters, over the Arabian Gulf, consistent with longstanding practices and our commitment to the security of the region,” Little said.

Contesting Iran’s claims of being in their own airspace, Little added, “Our aircraft was never in Iranian airspace. It was always flying in international airspace.”

In a briefing released by the Stratfor intelligence group, they suggest that the US will do little to avoid any possible future altercations like last week’s. “It should be remembered that they were shooting at an unmanned aircraft, which was created in part so that no human life would be at risk if it was shot down. That doesn’t mean the United States is casual about losing a very expensive piece of hardware. It does mean that the U.S. military is unlikely to suspend operations,” writes Stratfor. “Clearly the United States doesn’t mind making the Iranians nervous.”

The assault is believed to be the first time during a 30-year plus standoff between the two countries that Iran opened fire on an American UAV. Last year, Iran hijacked one of those unmanned drones well within their territory during what the US called a routine reconnaissance mission.


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10 Responses to " Iran issues a warning for America after attacking spy drone "

  1. Zharkov says:

    Iran should have kept quiet about this one.
    It doesn’t speak well for Iran’s air force marksmanship.
    A drone is a very easy target.

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    • jon says:

      What do you think would happen if it would be on the contrary and Iran drone would enter space of USA? Hahaha…The whole world is sick and tired of USA arrogance and dictatorship! USA can go to hell with thier sanctions and desire to overpower the world!

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      Rating: +1 (from 3 votes)
  2. shannogh says:

    John you should get an education, Israel rules American foreign policy, its Israel who is trying to rule the world and using American blood to do it

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
    • jon says:

      I agree with you 100% because it is visible. But remember, Obama know it also. He is hoping to keep the feeling at least. And remember WW2. At the and the leaders always fight among themselves for power. That is why a friend becomes an enemy. The best example is Hitler. He was paid by the same people who later paid big money to others to defeat him.

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    • Jack Longchamp says:

      Nah they’re beyond that it is the gutz they use now :-8

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  3. Zharkov says:

    Jon, I’ve no doubt that the U.S. Air Force could hit an Iranian drone with the first shot. They practice.

    Not that it matters anymore. If Obama changes his mind about attacking Iran, it won’t be the drones who are killed.

    As for everyone being tired of the U.S. arrogance and trying to rule the world, I think the U.S. military is only a tool of the upper class power structure and they not even remotely representative of what most Americans want to happen.

    Iran has a right to develop nuclear power, and if it leads to nuclear weapons, then that would indicate that the U.S./U.N. side negligently made a bad treaty regarding non-proliferation. They should have provided adequate language to cover the current situation with Iran so that military solutions would not need to be considered.

    I also think that when Iran points to Israel as an example of unfairness, it has a good argument. If non-proliferation is the goal, then U.S. allies should be held to the same rules if they take U.S. foreign aid.

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    • jon says:

      Simply: Iran has the same rights as others. That means also nuclear weapons. Whoever says otherwise is only arrogant dictator. Bt the way, I have read Patriot Act and Obama s Executive Orders. What an arrogance on his own nation and American people are silent. USA are spending trillions dollars on wars and are ignorant to their own people needs. All I can say to American leaders: mind your own business and show the conceitness in fixing your home poverty. USA is a country of slavery.

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  4. Jack Longchamp says:

    Man ! There are no rights that you cannot defend –
    so this is exactly where we are now, everybody asking
    will the Yanks and their Yids risk it ?

    Or will they decide the cost is too high,
    I think if they rely on Iranian uprising in case they invade they will have their CIA gathering data
    regarding the likehood they can walk in and “liberate”
    Iran. If they decide the majority of Iranians is against their liberation, they will go for a surgical kind of shit, they have to do SOMEthing.

    The Yids will not let them get away with not doing anything. They are loving brethren, mind you.

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  5. Zharkov says:

    While I agree that Iran has the same right to nuclear power as any other nation, I also think the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters, among others, are proof that nuclear power is too dangerous…so dangerous that I would not even wish any enemies to suffer from it.

    After over 40 years of U.S./U.K./Soviet/French/Chinese nuclear tests, most of us have been contaminated with radioactive isotopes, such as Sr90, which lodges in our bones and causes leukemia, cancers, and all manner of bad health generally.

    Chernobyl and Fukushima added huge additional radioactive loads onto the world population, and as these disasters are continuing, it proves that scientists and engineers cannot possibly make nuclear power safe from natural events. Cancer rates are soaring in the U.S. today as a result of nuclear experimentation.

    The American Nuclear Society claims that nuclear power is the safest form of power generation, but birth defects in Iraq from depleted Uranium prove that to be a lie.

    I think nuclear power stations are time bombs set to go off during earthquakes, serious human errors, flooding, and of course, wars, because they become primary targets. I understand that Iran needs to generate power but nuclear has proven in the West to be a risky business. Not only is it dangerous, it is extremely expensive and was sold to us as being low cost power. They lied. Hydroelectric power is low cost. Nuclear power is incredibly expensive.

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