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Infants of EU nationals in Ireland at risk from unsafe Irish feeding guide

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Whatever the actual risks for EU-national mothers in Irish hospitals, if their babies are fed infant formula, it will contain amounts of fluoride that are neither safe nor medically legal in other EU member states. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland’s (‘FSAI’) guide of 19th Nov 2012 (1) recommends Irish tap water be used to make up baby bottles even though this is totally at odds with safety warnings made by a top EU scientific committee in May 2011, which stated that formula from Irish tap water contains one hundred and thirty seven times more fluoride than mother’s milk (2). The illegality arises from the fluorosilicic acid added by the Irish state to tap water having no medical license in the EU rendering its use in the treatment of babies (and adults) illegal. Via the website of Irelandagainsfluoridation.org, hundreds of consumers in Ireland have already refused their consent to this illicit treatment by our medically-qualified Irish Health Minister, Dr James Reilly but to no effect.

Since the FSAI guide admits that the majority of newborns in Ireland are fed only infant formula, it has a special duty to warn parents of the risks from this unlicensed product. Instead it shamefully continues to collude with the Irish fluoridation lobby, the source of this clandestine prescribing which is also endorsed by Dr Reilly.

When it comes to bottled waters however, the FSAI is quick to warn against their use due to the possibly high level of salts that the baby’s immature kidneys are unable to tolerate; however no mention is made of the untrialled, unlicensed industrial fluorosilicates in Irish tap water that represent a far greater threat to those same immature kidneys and other undeveloped organs including the brain. But once again the Irish state protects healthcare policy no matter how great the risks to patient safety.

Embassies of EU member states in Ireland have been alerted to what constitutes ‘best practice’ in Irelandso that they can warn their nationals not to expose their bottle-fed babies to unsafe levels of fluoridated Irish tap water. Whereas EU nationals giving birth in Ireland are unlikely to bottle-feed their babies anyway, in notable contrast to the majority of Irish mothers, never the less their embassies have now been alerted to the risks Irish tap water poses to bottle-fed babies.

Nearly twenty years ago, the World Health Organization warned (3) that the fluoride content of foods and beverages should be listed with all ingredients on the packages, a warning repeated in 1999 by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland(4). Similar advice not to make up formula with fluoridated tap water was published by the FSAI in 2001 but subsequently and most irresponsibly withdrawn — please see below Best interests of 240,000 children denied by cynical Irish State for details.

The FSAI’s ‘guide on infant feeding best practice for healthcare professionals’ again misleads by implying that boiling water from the cold tap renders both it and the powdered formula safe from possible pathogens, when boiling actually increases the fluoride concentration from the tap without reducing its toxicity. While 70% of residential tap water is fluoridated, all maternity hospitals in Ireland where many babies will receive their first bottle-feed, is on a public water supply containing up to 0.8 mg/litre of this illegal product. But annual reports of the state’s maternity hospitals make virtually no mention of baby nutrition not with standing this unique Irish risk to babies.

While the FSAI’s collusion with the fluoridation lobby has placed huge numbers of bottle-fed babies in Ireland at unnecessary risk since 2001, to this must be added another 150,000 bottled-fed babies born since the WHO warnings in 1994 and up to 2001, making a total of almost 400,000 children or 9% of today’s population.

EU nationals here must recognize that Irish best practice in infant feeding policy is unsafe and illegal, involving risks to infants that are entirely absent in their home countries.


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