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Half a Billion Dollars for a Painting is a World-Record

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It is the most powerful painting in the world. The work is extremely thought- provoking with a depiction of the human brain in an abstract form, against a surreal background. The Brain, an acrylic on canvas that measures 1.5 meters by 1.2 meters, will be up on the market for GBP 333,000,000 (over 500 Million Dollars) from the 12th of December this year. Kean Hughes, a fine arts dealer from London, concurred; “The Brain is simply beautiful.”

K. Tilani is the 20-year-old Singaporean artist who has been painting intricate pieces since the age of 6. He studied in a business faculty for 3-years, and secured a place in the Singapore Management University after excelling academically. Initially following the footsteps of his father who is a trader, he is now making a mark in the art world. The Brain is the first work for sale by Tilani; after being intrigued by the intricacies of the human brain, Tilani attempts to convey its power through this painting. When asked why he painted The Brain, Tilani replied, “The Brain is the most powerful element on this planet. We have achieved milestones through innovation, yet, how could anyone claim that it is simply plain grey in colour?”

The Brain has spurred interest from several parties; Alexander Prado, Chairman and President of One Art Inc, said that “K. Tilani is the Salvador Dali of the twenty-first century. His unique style illustrates every drop of passion and thought poured into abstract. The Brain could fetch a couple of million dollars for its beauty alone. K. Tilani is truly driven to become a force in the art world.” A fine arts professional from Galerie Bruno Bischofberger who declined to be named, added that The Brain is really impressive and can fetch an equally impressive price tag. So far, Tilani had declined all of the offers for The Brain.

With an outstanding combination of colours, The Brain is an eye-catching masterpiece that might redefine art itself. Its artist, who burns with passion and derives his energy from art, is a naturally-talented soul. After all, even behind The Mona Lisa was a brain.

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  • Zharkov

    The person who pays that price will definitely need a brain. But it is a perfect office decoration for some government official – if there is one who aspires to actually think.

  • Phil

    To me with all those colors and how they come out in a cloud it looks like a cartoon depiction of one of Walt Disney’s farts.

  • franko american

    I have been in the art industry for 55 years. I cannot imagine who picked this painting and its theme “The Brain”? for 500 million, I could have bought at least 10 masterpieces to adawn my walls to admire. The owner who bought this paint has his brains up his ass.

  • Vivid

    Im not much of an art person but 333 million GBP is way too much! :o

  • iroblake

    seriously the guy needs mental therapy…. 500 million for a painting …….. are you crazy….. he could have spent for the welfare of poor….. he could have built a school for the poor.
    one word “RETARD”

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