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Four arrested in Italy for using US nationalist forum

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Italian police arrested four people for using a US nationalist online forum on November 16 and later banned access to the website in the entire country.

The four nationalists are from Milan, Frosinone and Pescara and are accused of “inciting to racial-hatred”. The police has raided the homes of 17 other people, mostly in the north-eastern region of the country.

The forum in question is Stormfront.org, probably the most renown white nationalist website not just in the US but world-wide.

Prosecutors in Rome launched the investigation after the group published blacklists of religious leaders, politicians, journalists and judges citing their support for immigration. The blacklist was merely a list meant to boycott these prominent people and not meant to physically harm them in any way.

Among the captured items were some books, outdated flags, a few knives and baseball bats. Everybody has knives at their house and if you play sports or want protection you probably have a baseball bat as well. This is all they could come up with the several people they arrested.

The “captured items” are just scenic for the indoctrinated audience, it’s always the same story… manipulated information, they are trying to build the image of some kind of “monsters” while most of arrested/harassed users are just normal ordinary people who will have their life ruined now.

The police made up a story saying that they were planning to attack an illegal gypsy tent camp which the police themselves used to bulldoze in the past.

Unfortunately the Italian police seems to care more about the postings of a few radicals on a US forum more than the destruction of their own country through immigration.

In European courts the truth is no defense to so-called charges of “racism”. They won’t even entertain the truth for a single second, they have blinders on, so they cannot see nor hear the truth. They are truly terrified of the truth!

This case is severe blow to democracy and to freedom of speech. It shows that native citizens are subjected to government espionage, terror and suppression even in Europe, a self proclaimed model for democracy and freedom of speech throughout the world. However this only shows a dark side of Europe where Human Rights are equal to zero. You are free to think and to say what the government wants, not what you choose.

Google has recently issued a Transparency Report which warns internet users of increased government surveillance and censorship. Google also took action to support the open and uncensored internet.

If you are concerned for your privacy and security, don’t forget you can always use a free proxy, there are thousands out there, read this article to learn more about online anonymity.

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One Response to " Four arrested in Italy for using US nationalist forum "

  1. Zharkov says:

    Western governments are drowning in hypocrisy – the same governments which restrict immigration with quotas now accuse their own citizens of “race hatred”?

    No government should be allowed to redefine “liberty” to such an extent that pure speech becomes a crime.

    Stormfront may be home to some pathetic losers in life, but they still have the basic human right to complain. Maybe their lawyers should present this matter to the UN Human Rights Commission?

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