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Berlusconi's Accountant Kidnapped for Ransom

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Ex-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s accountant Giuseppe Spinelli

Italian police have revealed the kidnapping case of ex-Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s accountant and his wife, following the arrest of six alleged abductors.

The police at a Milan news conference on Monday said Giuseppe Spinelli and his wife were held for ransom on October 16 in an attempt to extort 35 million euros from Berlusconi.

The abductees said they also had documents that could aid Berlusconi to win a 560-billion euro court case concerning the takeover of one of his former publishing companies, Mondadori.

“The couple were taken from their home and abducted for the entire night that fell between October 15-16, and Mr. Spinelli practically became the spokesman of the bandits to Mr. Berlusconi,” the head police officer of the investigation said.

Police and representatives of Berlusconi had kept the incident and investigation under wraps until recently.

After 24 hours of the incident, Berlusconi’s lawyers made an official complaint and informed the police.

A secret surveillance police operation that lasted for a month led to the extortionists’ arrest. The police have charged the six assailants, consisting of three Italians and three Albanians, for crimes of extortion and abduction.

Police have said that no money had been handed over.

According to an Italian court, Spinelli testified that he was responsible for financing and giving money to showgirls at Berlusconi’s parties dubbed “bunga bunga”.


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