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Argentinians hold largest anti-government demos in decade

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Protesters hold a demonstration at the iconic Obelisk in Buenos Aires on November 8, 2012.

Thousands of people have held demonstrations in Argentina to protest against the policies of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

The protests on Thursday night are said to be Argentina’s biggest anti-government demonstrations in more than a decade.

Demonstrators in Argentina are infuriated by the rising inflation, violent crime, high-profile corruption and reports that Fernandez could push through changes to the country’s constitution in an attempt to run for a third term in office.

In the capital city of Buenos Aires, protesters gathered at the iconic Obelisk, banging pots and pans as a traditional Argentine type of protest known as “Cacerolazos”.

Demonstrations were also staged in other cities, including Cordoba, Mendoza and La Plata and outside the country’s embassies and consulates across the world.

In a Thursday speech, Fernandez made no reference to the nationwide protests but she defended her policies, saying her government helped rescue Argentina from its worst economic crisis a decade ago and revitalized the economy in the face of the 2009 global financial downturn.

Fernandez, who was reelected by a landslide victory in the 2011 presidential election, has seen her approval rating drop to 31 percent in a September opinion poll.

The supporters of the government have branded the protesters as part of a wealthy elite misled by discredited opposition parties and capitalist media cartels.

They have also lashed out at the protesters for endangering Kirchner’s model of social inclusion, such as providing aid to the poor and unemployed and allocating the government’s billions of dollars of revenues to social welfare projects.


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One Response to " Argentinians hold largest anti-government demos in decade "

  1. Zharkov says:

    Fernandez should evaluate her policies from a citizen’s shoes – they can’t trade pesos for dollars, they can’t have financial privacy, etc.

    Punishing the voters is something politicians seem to enjoy. We see this all the time in America – new rules about what we no longer are allowed to do, and new fines and punishments if we ignore the new rules.

    People around the world are tired of official arrogance no matter what the excuses may be. Just give back freedom to the people and they will be happy. For most governments, that is a bit too much to ask.

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