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UN Troops set to Guard US Polling Places or Election Headquarters

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It has been brought to our attention by Michael Treis that a call for UN Troops to guard polling places or election headquarters by the current administration.

Any persons wearing UN insignia of any form within 100 feet of any polling place or election headquarters are to be placed under citizen arrest & turned over to the local sheriff.

Any resistance to such arrests or UN Troops upon US streets will be considered an Act of War by foreign international troops & will be call for termination with extreme prejudice by local militia or law enforcement.

As in accordance with the Constitution for the United States the militia consists of every able bodied person between the ages of 18-45 years of age but is not solely held to that criteria.

This is America not some third world dictatorship in which the election can be determined by the show of or interference by foreign or international troops any such actions would be tantamount to an Act of War & sedition & treason in the US election process.

It might be well advised that all precinct & county judges demand a mandatory physical counting of all votes & records to be held on precinct & county levels to assure the election process has not been compromised by national or international interference.

Please send copies of this alert to all county & state officials & publish as widely as possible.

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2 Responses to " UN Troops set to Guard US Polling Places or Election Headquarters "

  1. American says:

    How much will blue helmets go for on ebay?

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  2. joyce bovee says:

    L-) hello why isnt this in us news?? i know lots is being hidden from us so we do not rise up and kick the d’evils out
    thanks for the story it was sent to me from 2012 zietgeist a web site from dongchan lee :D/

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