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UK Driver Jailed for Beating 81-year-old then Freed after 5 Days

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Usman Yasin, 30, pictured laughing as he attended an earlier court appearance, has been released from jail on unconditional bail while he awaits the verdict of his appeal

A driver who was jailed for beating up an elderly woman who told him to watch his language has been freed on bail after serving just five days.

Usman Yasin, 30, a Muslim immigrant, received a 16-week sentence after being found guilty of hitting 81-year-old Patricia Pearson after she covered his mouth to stop him swearing at her for driving too slowly.

Magistrates heard how Yasin became increasingly frustrated as he travelled behind Mrs Pearson in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, at around 2pm on June 17.

He claimed that she was driving at no more than 5mph.

As the two cars reached a point where the road opened up Yasin darted past Mrs Pearson and pulled in front of her, coming to a stop.

She got out of her car and approached Yasin’s green Peugeot 206, leaning into the window to ask what he was doing. He unleashed a barrage of foul-mouthed abuse, Burton magistrates’ court heard.

Mrs Pearson put her hand towards Yasin’s face in an attempt to make him be quiet, and he swung out an arm and hit her across the face.

Yasin, from Burton, then got out of his car and approached the victim, only for bystander David Smith to come between the two and intervene. Frederick Powell, prosecuting, said: ‘Any remorse that he says he has shown is crocodile tears.

‘Had it not been for Mr Smith getting in the way, he would have gone after her again.’

Yasin said he acted in self-defence and claimed Mrs Pearson struck the first blow. He admitted striking her with the back of his hand, but denied further accusations of assault.

The disabled pensioner suffered horrific injuries during the attack in June this year and told the police the the ordeal had left her feeling ‘vulnerable’.

But now she is outraged after her attacker, who has lodged an appeal against his conviction, was granted unconditional bail while he awaits the verdict.

Patricia Pearson, 81, suffered horrific injuries in the attack as she drove to visit her husband at a care home

Mrs Pearson said: ‘I’m really fuming about the whole thing – it beggars belief. It is a farce and the law in this country is nothing but an ass.’

Mrs Pearson, a former school cleaner from Birkenhead, said her attacker’s release on unconditional bail – which means there are no restrictions on his freedom – was ‘an absolute disgrace’.

Yasin was jailed on October 10 after Burton Magistrates’ Court heard he hit Mrs Pearson due to her alleged slow driving.

The victim sustained injuries including a cut on her forehead and top lip, and grazes to her face, cheek and elbow following the incident in Burton-Upon-Trent, Staffordshire.

Mrs Pearson said she still suffered pain in her lips and neck, as well as psychological trauma and Magistrates dismissed Yasin’s claim of self-defence.

However, following a hearing at Stafford Crown Court, Yasin lodged an application for bail as part of his appeal and it was granted.

Mrs Pearson added: ‘Who pays for this? The people of Burton. It’s beyond belief, it really is.

‘If he gets off I will get myself a lawyer. He’s not going to get away with it. There’s no way.

‘All I want is justice.’

The court had previously heard that the fast food delivery driver had become incensed when he became stuck behind Mrs Pearson – who had been driving to visit her husband in a care home.

He pulled in front of her and braked sharply, before Mrs Pearson got out her car and approached the passenger side of his Peugeot 206.

Mrs Pearson, pictured, was subjected to a barrage of abuse by Yasin when she got out of her car.

Mrs Pearson leaned in to cover Yasin’s mouth to stop him using foul language towards her, causing him to lash out.

Magistrates previously dismissed Yasin’s claim of self-defence

Prosecutor Michael Taylor earlier said: ‘The defendant called her a ‘stupid f***ing bitch’ and ‘an old cow’.

Unfortunately it looks like Britain’s gentlemen era is over with aggressive and uneducated Muslim immigrants beating up old ladies and calling them names.

‘She was incensed by it and leaned in to the car, leaned forward and put the palm of her hand to his face, mouth and nose.’She said “mind your language”.

‘A witness saw him deliver a back-handed slap to Mrs Pearson which appeared to connect with considerable force.

‘Her glasses were thrown 15-20 feet down the road. She then felt two scratches down her face which started bleeding.’

Speaking since the application for appeal, Yasin’s solicitor, Ifran Mohammed, confirmed that the defendant had ordered a legal challenge against his conviction and sentence.

‘He’s instructed us to appeal and we believe there are grounds to appeal,’ he said.

‘The conviction was against the weight of the evidence adduced. There was more than reasonable doubt.

‘A lot of the witnesses were in his favour, including one of the Crown’s. Another said he did not witness any assault.’

Mohammed said Yasin also thought a jail term was ‘excessive’ because he was person of good character.

Asked what he would say to those who criticised his client’s appeal and release on unconditional bail, the solicitor said: ‘We went through the legal process.

‘He was found guilty, which we respect and understand, but he’s also got a right to appeal if he does not believe in the court’s decision. He’s exercised that right.

‘We are sorry Mrs Pearson was injured but we believe there are grounds for appeal.’ Depending on the outcome of the appeal, Yasin could return to prison.

The confrontation happened in All Saints Road, Burton upon Trent, pictured, after Yasmin complained the elderly woman was driving too slowly


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