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Turkish Mega Mosque in Germany Sparks Controversy

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There was a time when the Turkish-led Ottoman Empire ruled over a large chunk of Europe. Now some believe the Turks want to bring back those old glory days.

The Turkish government has embarked on a mosque-building campaign throughout Germany.

One new Turkish mega-mosque, the Cologne Central Mosque, has Germans on edge.

When construction on the facility is completed, it will be Germany’s largest Muslim house of worship – and one of the largest mosques in all of Europe.

It’s so big that it stops passersby in their tracks. The structure’s 100-foot-high-plus minarets tower over the local landscape and can be seen from blocks away.

The $40 million-plus facility will hold at least 1,200 worshipers and include a restaurant, a prayer room, a library, and more.

Germany is home to some 4.3 million Muslims, including 125,000 who live in Cologne. The large majority are Turkish.

Monster Mosque

The monster mosque with 100′ high minarets in Cologne is designed to symbolize the emergence of a new Ottoman Empire, funded by Turkey and supported by Turkish PM Erdogan who in 2008 said that Turkish assimilation in German society would be a crime against humanity.

It will be the largest Islamic Indoctrination Center in Europe, at least until the East London Mosquetrosity is finished and is nothing less than a political statement meant to display Muslim dominance and challenge the sovereignty of Christianity in Germany.

As in the UK, if you speak out against the growing Islamization in Germany, you are called a Nazi. Well, I’m afraid it just might take a few them to get rid of the Muslim plague in Europe.

Protests and Delays

There were also big protests during the planning of Cologne’s new mosque.

Construction began in November 2009.

The building’s size and appearance have proven controversial among the people and politicians of Cologne.

A disagreement between the DITIB and architect Paul Böhm also led to the opening of the mosque being delayed until 2013.

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