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Tens of thousands hold parade in UK to commemorate the Ulster Covenant

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The BBC was up to their usual tricks again last weekend. The largest and most spectacular display of working class patriotism for 25 years was either ignored or mis-reported as a sectarian provocation.

More than 30,000 loyalist band members and Orangemen paraded past hundreds of thousands of spectators to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant against the Home Rule Bill.

The attempt to turn the loyalist majority in Northern Ireland into a betrayed and oppressed minority in an anti-British Irish state was thwarted by this mass resistance, which led to the creation of Northern Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom.

All too predictably, the BBC either ignored the huge and inspirational display of traditional folk culture or reported only the hostile and sectarian response of so-called ‘residents groups’ which are nothing more than fronts for Sinn Fein/IRA in their long war of cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing against the loyalist community.

Fortunately, the success of our recent appeal for new equipment for BNPtv enabled our volunteer team to capture and rapidly edit some great footage from the parade.

So here is a full length half hour video so you can see for yourself something of the pride and passion of the true British spirit that is alive and well in Northern Ireland.

Amazingly, the 140 bands on this parade are a mere 20% of all the loyalist bands in the Province.

It just wasn’t possible for them all to join one parade, which went on for well over four hours as it was.

Considering that most come from working class communities and that the money for the instruments and uniforms is raised by and from those communities, the vibrancy of working class loyalist culture is here for all to see.

“You also get a glimpse of how our activists, both from Northern Ireland and our mainland party – which included the Rev West – were made very welcome by the huge crowd,” says Nick Griffin.

“Together we gave out nearly 10,000 leaflets and I lost count of the number of photos I had with supporters and well-wishers.” All in all it was a brilliant day.

I hope you enjoy watching the video and seeing for yourself why we in the British National Party are so passionate in our determination that ‘Ulster is Forever British’.”


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