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Obama Supporters Threatens on Twitter to Riot, Assassinate Romney

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Secret Service attention fails to dampen violent Twitter comments.

Despite the issue garnering a significant amount of media interest as well as the attention of the Secret Service, Obama supporters continued their threats to riot and assassinate Mitt Romney if Obama loses in the aftermath of last night’s presidential debate.

As we reported last week, Twitter has been flooded recently with violent comments from Obama supporters. The increase in volume of the comments seemed to coincide with Romney’s poll numbers edging higher against Obama.

Not only have Obama voters been making open threats that they will riot and cause mayhem, they have also been caught making direct threats to assassinate Mitt Romney, prompting the Secret Service to announce that it was “aware” of the threats and would “conduct appropriate follow up if necessary.”

Despite the fact that the media reported extensively on threats made against Obama prior to the 2008 election, their silence on the threats made against Romney has been deafening. Indeed, the act of a few old guys hanging up empty chairs in reference to Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech garnered substantially more coverage and concern from the press compared to hundreds if not thousands of tweets threatening violence against Mitt Romney.

Americans who simply display political signs expressing opposition to Obama’s policies have been treated as potential violent threats by authorities in the past, and yet not a single Twitter user has faced retribution for making direct and sometimes graphic death threats against Romney.

Leftists routinely cry foul and attempt to demonize conservatives as violent extremists whenever online rhetoric gets heated, and yet when their own engage in even worse conduct, their behavior is absolved and the media is disinterested.

Before the Secret Service announced they were investigating the threats, Obama front group Think Progress attempted to imply that the whole story was somehow a racist contrivance dreamed up by the Drudge Report and Infowars.

Here are just a selection of tweets from Obama supporters threatening riots and violence during and after last night’s foreign policy debate. There are too many to reprint in full.

If the Secret Service does plan on following this up, they are going to be very busy indeed.

Establishment Plays Race Card to Bury Violent Threats by Obama Supporters

This morning, Infowars compiled a list of Tweets from Obama supporters threatening to assassinate Mitt Romney and provoke riots if Obama loses the election. The article has since been picked up by the Drudge Report, but Infowars subsequently came across a number of tweets even more violent and offensive than the ones featured in the first article.

Twitchy has discovered yet more tweets from Obama supporters threatening to violently murder Romney. They include the following;

The establishment has tried to bury this issue by blaming the likes of Infowars for drawing attention to it. Because most of the tweets are being made by black people, it’s all our fault and we are engaging in “race-baiting”.

Apparently, according to the likes of Think Progress who downplayed the issue, it’s no big deal to threaten to shoot a presidential candidate in the face so long as your skin color is black.

Imagine how this organization, which claims it is non-partisan yet simultaneously admits its goal is centered around “driving the White House’s message and agenda,” would react to thousands of tweets threatening violence against Obama?

Since the majority of death threats against Barack Obama over the past four years have been made by white people, does that also render the issue meaningless?

Were the news outlets that reported on the death threats made by white people against Obama blamed for “race-baiting”? No, the death threats were treated seriously and investigated by the Secret Service.

Though the Secret Service said it was “aware” of the threats being made against Romney last week, no apparent effort has been made to find out if these people posed a genuine danger to the former Massachusetts Governor.

The race of those engaging in death threats against public figures shouldn’t matter, all the threats should be treated with equal concern. If anyone is engaging in “race-baiting,” it is those who have played the race card in attacking us merely for covering this story.

It is important to stress that Infowars is non-partisan. We do not support either Romney or Obama. Yet the magnitude of the double standard in the media’s failure to acknowledge this story, while leftist Obama front groups attempt to demonize those drawing attention to it, is jaw-dropping given the aggressiveness with which liberals persecute conservatives whenever heated rhetoric is targeted against left-wingers.

To their credit, many sensible black Twitter users have castigated those making the threats, pointing out the sheer stupidity of their actions, yet the American media still remains virtually mute on the entire issue.

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