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New Zealand issues Hobbit coins

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New Zealand is to release special commemorative coins depicting characters from JRR Tolkein’s The Hobbit. They are being issued to coincide with the premiere of the Peter Jackson film of the book. The coins will be valued between $25 and $3000.

New Zealand has been the setting for all of Peter Jackson’s movies of Tolkein books including the three part Lord of the Rings. The coins will go on sale on November 1st, and there has been massive interest already from fans of the books and movies.

The real cost of the coins depicting Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the wizard will be more than their face value, New Zealand Post reports. The most expensive one is made of pure gold and will cost around $3,000. The cheapest one will cost around $25.

The sale of coins is part of New Zealand’s campaign to rebrand the country “100% Middle Earth” to attract tourists. Special commemorative stamps will also go on sale.

The original trilogy boosted tourists’ interest in the country. New Zealand is so Hobbit-obsessed it has decided to rename the country’s capital from Wellington to The Middle of Middle-Earth – a fictional site from the book for the film’s premiere.

The movie features a big-name cast including British actors Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, and Billy Connolly.

The first of the three The Hobbit movies will be premiered in New Zealand’s capital on November 28.


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