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Fears Grow After Biblical Dust Storm Blankets American South

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A grim report prepared by the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia (HCR) circulating in the Kremlin today is expressing growing fears about our world’s ability to feed itself after yesterday’s massive dust storm destroyed an estimated 150 million tonnes of topsoil from the United States regions of Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, a scene not witnessed since the shocking Great Depression event known as Black Sunday.

Black Sunday refers to a particularly severe dust storm that took place on 14 April 1935. It was one of the worst dust storms in American history and it caused immense economic and agricultural damage. It is estimated to have removed 300 million tons of topsoil from the Prairie area in the US.

According to HCR researchers quoted in this report, the severity of this “biblical” dust storm that swept from America’s “breadbasket” heartland crop regions into its southernmost regions was made worse as farmers had begun tilling their soil for winter wheat planting while at the same time they’ve been battling the worst US drought since the 1930’s.

So massive and powerful was this dust storm, this report continues, it cut a swath nearly 800 km (500 miles) wide by 2,400 km (1,500 miles) long from the American Central Plains to as far southeast as the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee.

In its article titled “Dust Bowl 2012 Closes I-35 Thursday”, the Ponco City Oklahoma newspaper described 60 mph winds whipping this massive dust storm into frenzy so severe it caused “zero visibility” resulting in numerous traffic accidents [photo top right] and the closure of many roads and highways.

According to Andrew Pritchett, meteorologist at the United States National Weather Service in Morristown, Tennessee, this massive dust storm created its own low pressure system that has spanned across several US States for two days and stretched back into Louisiana, East Texas, Mississippi and northwest Alabama as it took a northeasterly path through East Tennessee. “There was a low pressure system that started over the Great Lakes that has now deposited in East Tennessee”, Pritchett said. “We can see the plume on the satellite … It’s pretty large in the atmosphere”.

Also, Oklahoma soil conservation director Clay Pope issued a warning that a repeat of this destructive dust storm could happen again and urged farmers in his State to prepare their topsoil the right way. “All civilization rests on an inch of topsoil. That’s where all our food and fiber comes from. So when that’s gone, it’s gone. Some of that soil started to form when Alexander the Great was a baby, so if you lose it, you’re not getting it back,” Pope said.

With the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issuing their 2012 Winter Outlook yesterday showing that El Nino may not relieve the Midwest drought after all, the prestigious Scientific American™ publication released a shocking report warning that his historic droughts damage will be even worse than first realized, and as, in part, we can read:

“The drought that has kept much of the nation in its grip this summer brings a host of additional downstream worries for growers already struggling with reduced yields.

Cattle are being poisoned by cyanide-laced weeds in Arkansas. Across the Midwest water-soluble fertilizers are concentrating in soils and plants, making them harmful rather than productive. And in Missouri, samples suggest that more than half the corn crop isn’t fit for human consumption, thanks to unusually high levels of a carcinogenic toxin.

For farmers coping with the worst drought to hit the United States in decades, it’s another chapter in an unfolding disaster that shows no sign of abating.”

With tight world grain supplies already set to fuel volatility, this HCR report further warns, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization, also, warned today of a further 2.6% drop in global cereal grain supply.

Of all the world’s nations dealing with this historic crisis, the response of the United States has been “beyond logical”, HCR analysts say in this report, due to the American governments staunch refusal to redirect their dwindling corn supplies to starving farm animals (cattle, pigs, chickens) instead of to the production of ethanol fuels, which is set cause a virtual explosion in the prices of these foods during the coming months.

The reason for the United States refusal to stop ethanol production in favor of food security, this report says, is their longstanding “master plan” to destroy all older model vehicles unable to be tracked with the modern spying technology that is installed in all newer model cars and trucks as the highly dangerous to metals ethanol-based fuels continue to destroy the fuel systems of those vehicles labeled as “threats” to the US total surveillance society.

In a nation where CIA Director David Petraeus was quoted this past spring [Wired Magazine 15 March 2012] as being “elated” that soon he would be able to spy on Americans “through their dishwashers”, and where just this past week the US Congress introduced a bill ordering FEMA to conduct “mass fatality planning”, it is, also, to be expected that the masses of Americans were not informed of this historic dust storm, nor the dire consequences soon to be expected from it.


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