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Egypt Prepares For Total War After Israeli Air Strike On Sudan

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A dire “flash” report from the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia General Nikolai Makarov to President Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that Egyptian Air Force (EAF) bombers and fighter jets have been ordered to deploy to their secret airbase near Kursi in the west of Sudan’s Darfur region after the shocking Israeli Air Force (IAF) raid on the Yarmouk military factory in Khartoum barely 16 hours ago.

According to this report, at least 4 IAF fighter-jet bombers attacked and destroyed Sudan’s Yarmouk military factory [photo 1st right] in what Sudanese Information Minister Ahmed Belal Osman described as an “unprovoked act of war”, and which both Sudan and Egyptian military experts say could only have been orchestrated by the United States who is currently engaged in its largest war exercise in history with its Israeli allies.

General Makarov further states in his report that the “most likely” intended target of the EAF is US ally Ethiopia whom the Egyptians have already warned they were prepared to strike in order to protect their stake in the Nile River.

Internal emails secretly obtained by “unknown parties” from the US private-security firm Stratfor back up General Makarov’s assessment, and as we can, in part, read:

Ethiopia became an even bigger threat a month after the Egyptian Revolution toppled President Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 when they announced new details about the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In April of this year Bradley Hope of the The National reported that construction had begun and that the massive project “could destabilize Egypt in a way that would make the last year of political upheaval look minuscule.”

“It would lead to political, economic and social instability,” Mohamed Nasr El Din Allam, Egypt’s minister of water and irrigation until early last year, told Hope. “Millions of people would go hungry. There would be water shortages everywhere. It’s huge.”

Even worse in this report, General Makarov further states that Egyptian armor, artillery and infantry units are, also, now being “rapidly deployed” to Egypt’s western border with Libya where an invasion of that disintegrating Northern African nation by the Egyptians will be intended to seize Libyan oil and gas facilities as Egypt continues to strain under the growing threat of massive fuel shortages.

With 46.5 billion barrels of proven reserves, (10 times those of Egypt), Libya is the largest oil economy in the African continent followed by Nigeria and Algeria and which, according to this report, neither the US nor any of its NATO allies will be able to defend against a massive Egyptian invasion.

Though not specifically mentioned in this report, it widely known that Egyptian commandos come from Unit 777, a force that was established in the late 1970s, firmly established themselves in Eastern Libya during last years revolt against its former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Making not only this grave situation, but the entire Middle East even more unstable was General Makarov also stating, “We have information that the rebels fighting the Syrian army have shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles of several states, including Stingers made in the United States.”

The United States vehemently disputed General Makarov’s allegation challenging Moscow to provide proof with US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland stating about 8 hour ago: “If the Russian Federation has evidence of Stingers in the hands of the opposition, we’d like to see it.”

General Makarov in his report, however, said of the US demands for “evidence” simply that their “proof” would soon exist in the smoldering wreckage of an innocent passenger plane targeted by these American armed and financed International terrorists.

In his summation of this report, General Makarov states that a massive Egyptian attack on both Ethiopia and Libya would have a “high degree” of them both being successful as neither the US nor NATO have any currently available military assets to direct against either Egypt or Sudan as they are currently stretched to the near breaking point countering Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

Further to be noted are that the civilian populations of both the US and EU are in no mood for any further wars as their economies are already headed towards the abyss and would not tolerate their warmonging governments further expansion of budget shattering conflicts.

Most ominous in this report, however, is a Federal Security Services (FSB) addendum noting that the United States may, indeed, be preparing to launch against all of its enemies one of the world’s most feared weapons called the CHAMP which it tested last week.

CHAMP is the giant US defense contractor Boeing’s new missile otherwise known as the Counter-electronics High-powered Microwave Advanced Missile Project that automatically disables PCs and other electronic devices as it soars through the skies using a burst of powerful radio waves, and which if used could, literally, send any high technology nation back to the preverbal stone age.

To the final outcome of all of these events, perhaps the best summation of them can be understood by the words of the great World War II American General of the Army Omar Bradley (1893-1981), who said: “The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living.”


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  • Jim

    “a massive Egyptian attack on both Ethiopia and Libya”

    Why those places? Anyone care to help explain it? Is it because those countries aren’t so tyrannical¿

    • Raed

      as the article says
      1-Ethiopia because this is gonna be the first war for water supplies
      Ethiopia threaten Egypt to limit egypt’s water share what threaten the whole egyptians so ethiopia must be attacked so that Egypt can survive
      2- Libya is a week rich country with no government so it is the best opertunity for a strong powerful country specially when it has some very difficult economic issues

      BUT the problem is that this article is not true
      with Ethiopia Egypt is working with diplomacy only as we know war isn’t the best solution and with Libya Libya is an Arab country and Egypt never attacks it’s Arab brothers

      • belal

        Well said Raed

      • M.Atef

        Super Like Raed

        • Raed

          thanks guys

      • hero

        Even an attempt to invade or strike Ethiopia-will make Egypt like heading to fire. You will get vanished. you stupid extremists. We will let you busy with your internal affairs till we wind it up.

    • Eslam Mostafa

      Looks loke the Vodka is really strong. Lybia and Ethipia at the same time? even one afetr another? may be Makarov is read wrong and it is Makaroni.

  • SamK

    In Daniel 11 it reads “42 He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape.

    43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.”

    Egypt was taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood which was helped created by Hitler and the Nazi regime and worked with the Nazi’s to complete the New world order! Hitler tried to succeed, but failed. The Nazi’s went underground, and So the King of the North is the Beast power of Revelation. Egypt fell to that power through the Muslim Brotherhood, and Libya was also taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood and now Ethiopia is going to be attacked by that same power. Looks like it is falling in line with what the bible prophesies what is going to happen. The resurrected Holy Roman Empire will soon be on the scene, with Germany as the Military force, and the Catholic church controling it. The United States of Europe is coming! Herbert W Armstrong spoke a lot on this subject.

    • Raed

      =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

      what the hell you are talking about
      first of all the Muslim brotherhood didn’t overcome Egypt
      they did it with something called elections if you ever knew what it means
      the Muslim brotherhood have never had relation with hetler or the nazi or any of this shit
      pleas try to read it is better than listening to conspiracies

      • ahmed

        you are right

    • Maggid

      Hey , is that all bullshit you know !!!or still you have something else to tell??
      its funny what you said about the muslim brotherhood was created by nazi , and they had relationships with Hitler !! but you never realize that all egypt including the King, by the way he was king of egypt & sudan , north and south !! including him ,everyone early in the war wishes if german beat british army , so british army will leave egypt for ever, but in later stage they realize they are worse than british , so they fight side by side supporting british army at the western desert war , which taken place between egypt & Lybia lands !
      2nd , the the muslim brotherhood , they failed in Libya elections !! so how come you are saying they overcome lybia ???? are you out of date and time or what ???? please 1st go and update yourself ,
      2nd this article , just fake !

    • jack

      السماح بالكتابة بحسب النطق الصوتي
      Myths Myths Superstitions You Ayesh in superstitions and Ptcol any words of salvation and you Btohm yourself Arif who is going to happen but you do not know an animal

  • era

    We, Ethiopians, know how to give lessons for our foreign enemies.So, I advise the Egyptians to revise history and look at what happened to the Italians.

    • Son of Ethio

      ERA, I am writing this comment to support your comment! We Ethiopians will never lose at the hands of any foreign power, late alone the rogue state of Egypt and Sudan. We do not have history of falling under foreign power. Egyptian elites better refer to history of late 19th century, they lost two battles (battle of Gura and Gundet) on the hands heroes and heroins of Ethiopia. Italy, one of the then great powers, can also be the witness to how much Ethiopians are cruel and never ending headache to their enemies. The author of this rough article knows little about Ethiopia. Remember Ethiopia is not infant state like Sudan (60 years of state history) lol. It is 3000 years of state history! Thus, Egyptians may find themselves in situation of state collapse. They better focus on their internal turmoil and state-building. But diplomatic solutions may work-out for the benefit of both Ethiopia and Egypt. What ever our history, Ethiopia and Egypt also had some notable diplomatic and religious relations. Thanks!

      • Raed

        please don’t talk about history as you don’t know a bit about history
        Egypt’s history lasts for more than 7000 years
        and also don;t talk about military power now or in history ,please as you don’t know any thing
        take it easy and again don’t believe every thing and don’t start hatred speech this is bad

    • Raed

      oh boy take it easy
      yesterday Egypt’s commander in chief “sedky sobhey “was in Ethiopia attending conference
      don’t be that worry the problem is being handled only by diplomacy
      don’t just believe every thing

      by the way and don’t get it wrong
      in the 70’s Ethiopia tried to threaten Egypt’s water share by another dam and it was destroyed

    • Amro

      bro, i dun believe you believed this shit ! :D
      Dun worry man, Egypt will never attack any safe nation unless they attack Egypt first ;)

    • an egyptian

      be sure my friend that this report is untrue . It is mere nonsense. Egypt has no plans to attack any country , esp Ethiopia.

    • Firas

      i Think U Need To Revise To What Happend With Isreal & England & France in The Same War #-o

    • Moo

      Era don’t listen for all these western people we are friends we drink from the same nile we have the same sorrow …..an same hapiness

  • oo

    If you want us to read your news …get that fucking advertisement off the damm side of the pages

  • Mido

    hey bro wake up>>>>>Ethiopia has no army comparing with the Egyptian army

  • Egypt is not one of the countries occupation never was and never will be
    Egypt always friendly African states
    Do not forget that a member of the Brotherhood which is the current president does not represent Egyptians
    Egypt’s Revolution is still ongoing and an upcoming change is coming inevitably
    Ethiopian brothers and the Alepien all the Arabs and others
    Do not deceive you news, naive people fiddling
    I wish you a good life
    And always and never be together in the progress and prosperity as we were in the ancient civilization
    Even if governments wars
    I hope you will be the barrier and inhibitor, including Let the peoples of the two countries,
    And stand up for them and transfer of wars and welcome peace African state new single
    To be the largest union in the world meal either challenge governments and the construction of dams and dams should hit us as a people to stop them from construction and demolition in order not to hurt the Egyptians and Ethiopians of the right to use water all together

  • heeey broo,,

    what allies , ar’nt you makarov؟‎!‎

    egypt will never attack any safe natios unless they atack it!!

    So devils just want to fall egypt in troubles ،،

    i say ‘ we are wake and know the game veryy good ،، look at iraqi senario in kwait,,, by hands of terrorist america !!!)

  • mostafa

    sometimes we must know what we are taking about , first the Americans do not and could not go for a new losing war as we saw in Afghanistan and Iraq , and before them Vietnam , second Ethiopia people must know how is strong is there army , and don’t wait for the us army to help them and they must know how is strong is the Egyptian army , as every body knows in all world the deference between Egypt army and Ethiopia army and we cannot compare at all between them in every thing , Ethiopians must know that there army is very weak if its compared by Egyptian army , third they must know that Egypt will not attack any country unless this country make any thing that force Egypt to attack them back , so take care form the Egyptian army attack , in war 1973 they said that the line of barlif is the strongest line defense in the whole world , how said that the Russians and Americans , and they said that it is impossible on the Russian and american army to defeat the Israeli army behind that huge sand line of barliff but what happened that the Egyptian army destroyed this line in 6 hours only and defeated the isreali army , if any one doesn’t know this information can but in Google and search for war of 1973 between egypt and isreal

    • Moaaz

      ربنا يبارك في بلادنا مصر والسعودية وكل بلاد المسلمين

    • Moaaz

      ربنا يبارك في بلادنا مصر والسعودية وكل بلاد المسلمين

    • MOAMEN

      =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
      انت وفرت علي عناء الكتابه وقلت اللي انا كنت هقوله
      سلمت يداك

  • Anwar Fathi

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =))

    Ethiopia and Libya ely etneen ?? :D :D :D

  • Egypt will not go to war with any Arab
    country Arabs brother and Egypt
    adopt the Palestinian cause and all in
    the interest of the Arab brothers

  • Zak Egypt

    From where the hell this guy came with those information.

    1st of all Egypt would never try to attach either Libya nor Ethiopia they are both great and friends countries. If Egypt would attach it would be Israel because of what’s happening at the boarders.

    All respect and love to Ethiopia and Libya our friends in Egypt.


  • L-) L-) L-)
    egypt have the most power full weapon in the all world
    and if we think to destroy Israel we wil at any time
    the egyption force are ready to go to abig war with any one and we wil win

  • alaa

    Egyptians are ready to any war there is no comparison between the Egyptian army owner history and the Ethiopian army weak
    To those who do not know the Egyptian army READ him
    What happened in Israel from the Egyptian army Hahaha

  • omar

    this abetter thing that i say my country eygpt mentiend in international newspaper as afort and big country

  • hisham

    الله يحرق الفودكا اللي بتعمل في الناس كده الرجل ده بيخرف حد يشربوا كوباية لبن عشان يفوق

  • سيـــف

    =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =)) =))
    دا انت شخص اوفر وعايش فيلم هندي ………فوق يلا ي ابن التيت

  • سيف كاسترو

    شفتو المخدرات ممكن تعمل اية
    =)) =)) =)) =))

  • Mido . H

    إيه ياض يا مكاروف اللي إنت بتقوله ده؟ طب وهجوم مصر على إثيوبيا ممكن لو هددتنا وهددت مياهنا …أما بقى ليبيا فمصر عمرها ماتجور على إخواتها العرب ولو حتى خانوها شكلك ياواد يا مكاروف كنت متقل العيار حبتين ورحمة أبوك لأنا قايل لأمك

  • that man who write this poison words want to kill the old relations between egypt and affricans also arabs
    >>> we must not follow that >>> they want egyptians and ethiopian start fighting each others >> they want curropet the good relations between the two nations
    > if we want to look to history egypt has 7000 over great history also ethiopian but the vital issue is who will be the winner if war happen and who will be the loser both not egypt nor ethiopian just west AND AMERICA AND RUSSIA who want only sell bombs and guns and steel our money and built up his economics emprials

  • edross

    All of you talk about past glory of egypt….Wake up people!!!!
    Egypt Now!!!! full with lazy and disrespectful people…
    1.Israel will win a battle against egypt on jumuah day…Why?because the egyptian sleep so well at the morning…
    2.If u talk about trash…you must add egypt to the top of list…its disgusting!

    Before you all talking abaout getting in the war proudly….please lose some weight…you aint gonna run with that spare tyre shape…

  • amjad

    Go to hell makarroni

  • an egyptian

    this report is groundless. who is this general “Markov” and if there is any ; did he say that?. Egypt does not have any intentions to attack any nation esp African ones and esp Ethiopia. this is a fray on Egypt which is facing economical and political crises at the moment. After reading this report , I think Egypt will attack America, too :D

  • الشاطر حسن

    هذه شائعة روسية هدفها تخفيف الضغط الدولي على حليفها الرئيس السوري بشار الأسد وكذلك لتجد لها موطىء قدم في القارة الأفريقية :)) :)) :)) =)) =)) :p :p :p :-q :-q :-q

  • Aniti Keebek

    Hey Guys I hope you know the we all are Human. We don’t need no more trouble no more war, what we need is love…

  • engu

    Why all think as an African & do like an European

  • MBasha

    This report is rabish and not true. this is propaganda from Russa against Egypt, to make problem for Egypt with thier alliance for the sake of Bashar Alasad.

  • :o i think that’s not true .egypt not attak any country unless they attak first.makrove i think you lose your brain and you must read more about the relation betweeb egypt and lybia before your mad said :o

  • Nour

    it so it can’t be otherwise.

  • E lsultan Emiro

    Egypt ARMED forces Will fuck Ethiopia and Israel

  • انا بحب اثيوبيا جدا وضد اننا نحاربها لان فى روابط دينية وتاريخية قوية جدا بينا وبينهم ويجب الحافظ على تلك الروابط ولو كان هناك مشاكل بين البلدين يجب حلها بالطرق الدبلوماسية واتمنى زيارة اثوبيا قريبا واتمنى لهم السلام

  • Yaseen

    I do not know who write this shit of what was thinking of ! libya ? our brothers ??? ethiopya ? unkown lands and fate for us ??! war with etiopia could hapen in one case if no saloutions for the case

    my greetings

  • Naz

    I think the war between Egypt and Ethiopia will take place in Sudan because Sudan in the middle they don’t have to all that way to fight
    :(( :(( :(( :((

  • ahmed

    علي فكره الراجل ده مش عبيط العبيط هوا اليقرا الكلام ده ويصدقه هوا بيكتب الكلام ده علشان ينشر فكره يخدم بيها بلاده الي هي واقعا في مستنقع سوريا وايران وبيحاول يلهي الناس عن سوريا علشان روسيا تلعب برحتها في سوريا ويبيعو سلاح ومن المكسب دي اكيد الجنرال هينوبه من الحب جانب
    :)) :)) :))

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